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A Springtime With Ninjas

Author: Narumi Hasegaki
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
ISBN: 1682336891
Size: 63.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Kasugami heiress Benio and her ninja Tamaki have finally started dating, but now their forbidden love has every lord and ninja in Japan trying to kill them! When Benio’s uncle falls into a coma after protecting Benio from an assassination attempt, she has to take his place on the Council of Lords. Unfortunately, no ninja can accompany her into the meeting chamber… A Springtime with Ninjas: the Couple Arc is a rollercoaster ride full of love and battle! Plus, this volume includes a bonus story from the perspective of Naoto and Shizuka.


Publisher: A-Net Digital LLC
ISBN: 0984593721
Size: 67.99 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5561
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Kantaro Ichinomiya is a studious young boy who fancies folklore, so it' no small wonder that his eye for the fantastical leads him into a career among the world's ogres, goblins and boogeymen, all of whom he can help to live in harmony. Moonlighting as the ambassador to the goblin population, Kantaro - flanked by his own ghoulish sidekick - roams the streets of Taisho-era Japan, hoping to solve instances of goblin abuse and inter-species confrontations. But creating peace between rivaling humans and beasts could open the door to something much more mystical and much less welcome...

Turtle S Penguin Day

Author: Valeri Gorbachev
Publisher: Dragonfly Books
ISBN: 0307977730
Size: 65.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4634
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Turtle is so excited by the book about penguins that his dad reads him at bedtime that he decides he wants to be a penguin. So the next morning, he creates a penguin costume, grabs his book, and heads for the schoolbus. His kindergarten classmates are thrilled. They all want to be penguins too! Turtle shows his book to his teacher, and all day long he and his classmates do as the penguins do—they slide down the slide on their bellies during recess, form a waddling conga line at music time, and snack on goldfish crackers. It's a super-cool penguin day! This delightful picture book from Valeri Gorbachev is a perfect blueprint for teachers (and kids) to plan penguin days of their own.

Ninjas On Ice Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Author: Nickelodeon Publishing
Publisher: Nickelodeon Publishing
ISBN: 1612639410
Size: 13.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6529
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The turtles hit the rink for a battle on ice! Boys and girls ages 3 to 7 will love this all-new full-color storybook that will thrill from beginning to end! This Nickelodeon Read-Along contains audio narration.

The Mutts Spring Diaries

Author: Patrick McDonnell
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1449493122
Size: 54.45 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2168
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It's been a long, cold winter—Earl and Mooch are looking forward to shmelling the flowers! Spring is the season of new beginnings. The birds are singing fresh concertos they’ve been working on all winter long. The caterpillars are dreaming of butterfly flight. And the bears could use that first cup of coffee after their three-month hibernation. Celebrate spring with the Mutts gang as they go on egg-decorating sprees, dodge playful rain showers, and welcome home the birds from their winter vacation. Check out the “More to Explore” section to learn about the mysteries and wonders of the birds, who are all too happy to let you know that spring is here. You’ll find that Mooch and Earl’s feathered friends have some surprising secrets, and you won’t want to miss out on the springtime fun.

Afternoon On The Amazon

Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780375894237
Size: 36.94 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3523
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The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system! Vampire bats and killer ants? That's what Jack and Annie are about to run into when the Magic Tree House whisks them away to the Amazon River. It's not long before they get hopelessly lost. Will they be able to find their way back to the tree house? Or are Jack and Annie stuck forever in the rain forest? Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures Have more fun with Jack and Annie at!

The Book Of Ninja

Author: Anthony Cummins
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited
ISBN: 1780286317
Size: 68.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6651
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The Book of Ninja, the ultimate ninjutsu manual, was penned in 1676 by a ninja known as Fujibayashi. Born in the post-civil war era of Japan, Fujibayashi collected and combined information from the ninja clans of Iga - regarded to be the homeland of the ninja - and compiled it into an authoritative book. Known as The Bansenhukai, this book has now been translated into English by the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team. It is widely considered to be the 'bible' of 'ninjutsu', the arts of the ninja. The Book of Ninja begins with an in-depth introduction to the history of Fujibayashi's scripture. Then the teachings themselves, appealingly rendered in this translation, take us into the secrets of guerilla warfare and espionage. We learn how to become the ultimate spy, whether through a network of spies or by hiding in plain sight. Through the stealth and concealment tactics of night-time infiltration and through weapon and tool building skills, as well as mission planning, we can learn much both about warfare and about adopting the right mindset for tackling our own inner and outer enemies. Adding to the mix for the spycraft lover, there are sections on capturing criminals, performing night raids, making secret codes and signs, and even techniques for predicting the weather and using an esoteric Buddhist system of divination. An exciting and engaging tome of lost knowledge, The Book of the Ninja is the final say in the world of the ninja and the ultimate classic for samurai and ninja enthusiasts alike.

Beauty Bunny

Author: Mari Yoshino
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
ISBN: 1682339742
Size: 71.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3597
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On one hand, there’s the makeup genius Iori, and on the other, the sensitive and gentlemanly Otohiko. Both of these handsome young men in Kohane’s class have insinuated that they’d like to get closer to her, but she’s not really sure whether she’s romantically interested in either of them. And now, the three of them are going to set out for Hokkaido on their high-school field trip. What will happen when Kohane meets up with the boy she had a crush on in middle school while they’re there? She’s going to learn a shocking lesson in the rules of romance in volume three of this makeup-themed romantic comedy!

Bad Taste In Boys

Author: Carrie Harris
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0385739699
Size: 73.82 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4255
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Future physician Kate Grable is horrified when her high school's football coach gives team members steroids, but the drugs turn players into zombies and Kate must find an antidote before the flesh-eating monsters get to her or her friends.

The Prince S Black Poison 4

Author: Jun Yuzuki
Publisher: Kodansha America LLC
ISBN: 1642122076
Size: 24.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1542
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Rizu tries with all her might to get Souta to see her as a woman. Souta should be thrilled, but for some reason he suppresses his true feelings?! The too beautiful Souta once again resorts to his devious tricks in the next volume of this cute but cunning childhood friend love story!