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A Vampire Story

Author: Moira Buffini
ISBN: 9780573111235
Size: 44.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Two young women arrive in a nameless British small-town. Their names are not their own. They don't declare their ages. Their relationship with each other is not clear. Are they sisters, as their assumed identities declare? Or are they mother and daughter?

Thea Ii

Author: Steven Jenkins
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781974208036
Size: 67.24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Teenage life. Miles from home. And a taste for human blood. Struggling to control her newfound bloodlust, Thea is taken to a secluded farmhouse by Kate, an experienced vampire with a dark past. In the shadows, far from watchful eyes, a young life will begin to transform and leave behind the little girl she once knew. For now, Thea is safe with Kate: her teacher, her friend, her protector. But is this woman really all that she seems?

The Night S Baby

Author: Stina
Publisher: Urban Renaissance
ISBN: 1622866789
Size: 48.27 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7005
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Debuting her second novel with the Urban family, author Stina continues her sexy African American fantasy series. Follow Adirah as she navigates the dark underworld of vampires... When she entered school at a recently integrated college in North Carolina, Adirah Messa was looking forward to a bright future. Then she met a man of another kind who turned her world upside down. After being turned into a blood-sucking being and then giving birth to a child fathered by the King of Vampires, Adirah thinks that life can’t get any stranger. But when her ancient past becomes a part of the present, she learns that her son has a destiny that is out of her control. With the eyes of very powerful and new enemies set on him, the only way to protect him is for old enemies to put their differences behind them. If the opposing vampire clans don’t come together as one, it could mean the end of their kind altogether. Fans of supernatural fiction will enjoy Stina’s creative storytelling in this tale of vampires, romance, power, and revenge in The Night’s Baby.

Interview With The Vampire

Author: Anne Rice
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0307575853
Size: 58.38 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6631
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#1 New York Times Bestselling author - The spellbinding classic that started it all - Book I of the Vampire Chronicles Here are the confessions of a vampire. Hypnotic, shocking, and chillingly erotic, this is a novel of mesmerizing beauty and astonishing force—a story of danger and flight, of love and loss, of suspense and resolution, and of the extraordinary power of the senses. It is a novel only Anne Rice could write. Praise for Interview with the Vampire “A magnificent, compulsively readable thriller . . . Rice begins where Bram Stoker and the Hollywood versions leave off and penetrates directly to the true fascination of the myth–the education of the vampire.”—Chicago Tribune “Unrelentingly erotic . . . sometimes beautiful, and always unforgettable.”—Washington Post “If you surrender and go with her . . . you have surrendered to enchantment, as in a voluptuous dream.”—Boston Globe “A chilling, thought-provoking tale, beautifully frightening, sensuous, and utterly unnerving.”—Hartford Courant


Author: C. Thunderwolf Todd
ISBN: 9780557679942
Size: 36.75 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1036
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Neesa'a new life begins with a shocking turn of events as her day went from euphoria to hell on earth. She then tries to live a normal life with her boyfriend and new best friend forever, but together they face unimaginable adversaries of evil and beast of legions old. Neesa struggles to remain who she once was as the strong allure of blood lust temps her. This is a new exciting modern twist on vampires, packed with action, adventure, romance, drama, horror and humor

Dark Revenge

Author: Liberty
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781469728346
Size: 10.22 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2486
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Dark shadows fall across the shores of the Atlantic Ocean as an evil being arrives in Florida. Karl Braun takes revenge against the man who tried to destroy him a half century earlier. In this erotic vampire tale, five terrified people unite to battle the forces of evil.

Dark Secrets A Vampire Story

Author: Scott Dokey
ISBN: 0557045355
Size: 80.93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7650
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Once part of an ordinary middle-class family, the twins, Angel and Jordyn, are thrown into a world of chaos when their father dies suddenly. Their mother becomes nothing more than a shell of a person, void of any feelings or emotions. A bottle of whiskey is now her best friend as she searches for something that can give her life meaning again. One night at a local bar, that something appears in the form of a mysterious stranger who will indeed change her life forever. In a state of total bliss and surrender, she is drawn into the dark world of the unholy and the undead; the world of the vampire. In turn, she brings her daughters into this dark realm of hers with the idea that together they would become one big, happy family again. And the one thing on their minds as they roam the night is revenge.

Vampire Island

Author: Adele Griffin
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780399237850
Size: 39.83 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Siblings Maddy, Lexie, and Hudson Livingstone, who are vampire-fruit bat hybrids, struggle to adjust to living as humans in New York City while maintaining their individual vampire strengths.

The Beauty In Darkness

Author: Leah Reise
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535343442
Size: 11.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1024
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On the night of her twenty-ninth birthday, Edrea is brutally murdered. She awakens in her San Francisco studio as a bloodthirsty vampire with no memory of her death. Terrified of hurting innocent people, she nearly puts an end to her new existence; that is before she realizes there might be people the world can do without. Now immortal, Edrea finds she's caught in the middle of a war between two ancient vampire clans, the D�cret and the Shevet, and she has no idea who to trust. Then the frightful memory of her death returns, and she will ultimately have to choose between her humanity and cold-hearted murder. Her struggles only get harder when she must also leave her past life behind her in order to protect her family. Little does she know, her estranged, mortal sister Rena is on a dangerous quest in search of Edrea, whom is believed is merely "missing." While Rena struggles with insecurity and guilt, her obsession with finding Edrea comes between her and her own future, and especially the man she loves. Rena just can't let go of the feeling that Edrea is alive somewhere, and she isn't about to give up. As they follow their individual roads through life and the un-death, Edrea and Rena learn not only that their sisterly bond is stronger than they thought, but also that their family shares a dark secret that connects both of them to a mysterious quantum world. Amidst the chaos and adventure, the story will intrigue you with a scientific and philosophical theme that will keep you wondering until the end ... and maybe even after that.

A Vampire Story

Author: S.J. Bakos
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1410766543
Size: 41.44 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book you now hold in hand is an exceptional book by an exceptional man and author. Reverend Dr. John T. Wylie's superb literary skill and absolute dedication to the Word of God have successfully combined to move the reader to new heights of enthusiasm and inspiration. This book is a "must read" for those familiar with the Word of God, as well as for the casual reader who wishes to expand his or her knowledge and understanding of our God and all that He represents. By seriously considering the inspirational words of this book, you will ponder the deepest thoughts of your mind and soul to seek out our God, to understand Him, to worship Him and to thank Him for all that He has given to us and to our world. We are confident that you will be emotionally, spiritually moved and inspired by Dr. Wylie's book, Only One God: Who Is He? As those of us were honored to first publish it.