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The Attack On The Liberty

Author: James Scott
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439166056
Size: 38.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The definitive account of the infamous 1967 attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli forces and the continuing controversy over what really happened. • Notorious incident: In 1967, Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boats attacked the spy ship uSS Liberty in international waters during the Six-Day War. Thirty-four sailors were killed and more than 170 wounded, many critically injured. Israel claimed mistaken identity, which a U.S. naval court of inquiry confirmed, but that explanation is contradicted by the facts of the case. • Based on new revelations: James Scott has interviewed Liberty survivors, senior u.S. political and intelligence officials, and examined newly declassified documents in Israel and the united States to write this comprehensive, dramatic account. He reveals that officers in Israel’s chain of command were aware of the Liberty’s identity and shows how events in Vietnam prompted the American government to deemphasize the attack despite widespread disbelief of Israel’s story. • Journalist and son of an attack survivor: Scott’s father, John, was an officer and engineer aboard the Liberty who was awarded the Silver Star for helping to save the ship from sinking.

The Liberty Incident

Author: A. Jay Cristol
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 9781574885361
Size: 67.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Cristol disputes the conspiracy theories surrounding the 1967 Israeli attack on an allied U.S. naval ship in the waters off the Sinai Peninsula. Thirty-four Americans died, 171 were injured, and rumors began that Israel knew that the ship was flying the American flag.

Remember The Liberty

Author: Ernest Gallo
Publisher: TrineDay
ISBN: 1634241096
Size: 79.36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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One of the most explosive and hidden secrets in U.S. history – one that has never been previously told, Remember the Liberty explores how a sitting U.S. president collaborated with Israeli leaders in the fomentation of a war between them and their Arab neighbors. A war that would ensure a victory for Israel, and include the acquisition of additional land. This book will finally identify the real cause of the vicious attack on a U.S. Naval ship. After the botched plan was executed, the ship refused to sink even after being hit by a torpedo, leading the attack to be cancelled and a massive cover-up invoked. Including severe threats for the crewmembers to "keep their lips sealed." That cover-up is barely still in place, and completely exposed. Written largely by the survivors themselves, the truth is finally being told with the real story revealed.

The Liberty Threat

Author: James Tonkowich
Publisher: TAN Books
ISBN: 1618906429
Size: 36.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What happened to liberty and justice for all? Americans are losing what are supposed to be constitutionally promised rights at an alarming pace. The Founding Fathers understood the overriding essentiality of religious practice unimpeded by governmental authority, but time and vast cultural change has eroded this from the consciences of modern politicians. The struggle for the right to worship freely has been present since the time of the Holy Roman Empire. By looking at how the Ancient Christian world relates to the failures of our own Supreme Court, it is possible to see what has lead to so much government interference in personal religious beliefs in the name of “equality.” As we watch America teeter ever closer to the brink of moral collapse and prejudice towards religion become ever more institutionalized, one question always surfaces: How can we stop this? In The Liberty Threat James Tonkowich explores the history of Christian philosophy from the Church’s infancy through the birth of America and how it influenced religious liberty. With powerful examples fresh from today’s courts, Tonkowich illustrates just how the rigid separation of Church and state has created a world that is hostile to true faith. The Liberty Threat is both a chilling wake-up call and a clear call to action for Christians everywhere.

Liberty Injustices

Author: Ernest a. Gallo
Publisher: Michael Ray King Publishing
ISBN: 9781935795193
Size: 44.16 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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On a bright, sunny day, June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty, a U.S. Navy Intelligence ship was sailing off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The Israeli/Arab 6 Day War had begun three days earlier. Without warning, our ally's IDF (Israeli Defense Force) aircraft and torpedo boats deliberately attacked, killing 34 United States Americans (31 sailors, 2 marines, and 1 NSA civilian) and wounding 174 - two thirds of the crew were either killed or wounded. Carrying the scars of this attack would be bad enough, but learning of a United States and Israeli government cover-up of the facts of the attack has added insult to injury for the brave men who survived this attack. Add in bigotry and prejudice toward the USS Liberty survivors because of their quest to reveal the truth of the events of that fateful day, you cannot read this book without feeling a deep-seated rage at what governments will do to protect their interests - even to the point of wronging the very protectors of their nation.

Liberty And Tyranny

Author: Mark R. Levin
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439164747
Size: 20.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Don’t miss syndicated radio host and author Mark Levin's #1 New York Times acclaimed and longtime bestselling manifesto for the conservative movement. When nationally syndicated radio host Mark R. Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny appeared in the early months of the Obama presidency, Americans responded by making his clarion call for a new era in conservatism a #1 New York Times bestseller for an astounding twelve weeks. As provocative, well-reasoned, robust, and informed as his on-air commentary, with his love of our country and the legacy of our Founding Fathers reflected on every page, Levin’s galvanizing narrative provides a philosophical, historical, and practical framework for revitalizing the conservative vision and ensuring the preservation of American society. In the face of the modern liberal assault on Constitution-based values, an attack that has resulted in a federal government that is a massive, unaccountable conglomerate, the time for reinforcing the intellectual and practical case for conservatism is now. In a series of powerful essays, Levin lays out how conservatives can counter the tyrannical liberal corrosion that has filtered into every timely issue affecting our daily lives, from the economy to health care, global warming to immigration, and more.

The Human Rights Act And The Assault On Liberty

Author: Parnesh Sharma
Publisher: Nottingham University Press
ISBN: 1908062304
Size: 59.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Demonstrating that the state of civil liberties and human rights in the United Kingdom are quite perilous, this case study looks at the role of rights vis-à-vis social change and culture. Empirically examining the Human Rights Act (HRA), with asylum serving as the main case study, the book focuses on law in action, based on extensive fieldwork and framed against current events. It also discusses the role of Section 55—a law enacted at the same time as the HRA that was an antithesis of what the HRA promised and which forced thousands of asylum-seekers into destitution. Though Section 55 was eventually defeated, asylum-seekers in the UK are still powerless and marginalized. The book argues that the HRA has proven to be ineffective against illiberal policies and that the development of a culture of rights, as far as asylum is concerned, has stalled. This thoughtful analysis of the use of rights laws to advance social causes presents both potential and pitfalls, making it useful for sociologists, activists, and nongovernmental organizations.