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The Old English Soul And Body

Author: Douglas Moffat
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 9780859912327
Size: 29.70 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The first critical edition of one of the earliest representations of the body-and-soul theme in the middle ages, which, unusually, survives in more than one copy and is therefore of particular relevance to the study of the transmission of texts; discussion of manuscripts, language, prosody and structure.

Toward The Universe Of Health And Soul

Author: Chit-Fan Cheung
ISBN: 9781625031259
Size: 75.31 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The book is divided into three parts: health, the universe and the soul of the world. These are truly life experience of author's research for many years. My Views on Health The author grew up in the rural mountains of the mainland, in a chance, and found that eating raw natural foods and wild animals is better than with refined feed animals, in terms of stronger vitality and resistance to disease. Human modern diet and health issues were discussed based on these natural phenomena. My views on Cosmology The author saw a National Geographic Channel program about the big bang theory, and believed that there are some contradictions and have made some of his own views. The Invisible World of Spirit On a single hiking in the mountains, the author observed a unknown, curved light came across the sky and thus developed a new view towards the things of the world, or even that apart from the visible matters by human eyes, but also the existence of invisible soul world. This book based on the belief of authors, and hope readers can have a new inspiration to health, the universe and our world.

John Donne Body And Soul

Author: Ramie Targoff
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226789780
Size: 74.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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For centuries readers have struggled to fuse the seemingly scattered pieces of Donne’s works into a complete image of the poet and priest. In John Donne, Body and Soul, Ramie Targoff offers a way to read Donne as a writer who returned again and again to a single great subject, one that connected to his deepest intellectual and emotional concerns. Reappraising Donne’s oeuvre in pursuit of the struggles and commitments that connect his most disparate works, Targoff convincingly shows that Donne believed throughout his life in the mutual necessity of body and soul. In chapters that range from his earliest letters to his final sermon, Targoff reveals that Donne’s obsessive imagining of both the natural union and the inevitable division between body and soul is the most continuous and abiding subject of his writing. “Ramie Targoff achieves the rare feat of taking early modern theology seriously, and of explaining why it matters. Her book transforms how we think about Donne.”—Helen Cooper, University of Cambridge

Mind Body Soul And Spirtit In Transactional Analysis

Author: Gordon Law
Publisher: IMPACT
ISBN: 0955228700
Size: 36.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Relationships may be understood as the contact that emerges from observable social rooles underpinned by inter-personal attitudes. Using transactional analysis and other approaches, this book presents a series of models based on an analysis of the relationships that are created when contact between people links imagos and roles to confirm existential life positions.Because the models provide a meta-level framework for understanding and influencing any sequence of interaction, irrespective of setting or TA specialism, they give ample scope for practitioners to exercise widely differing preferences, techniques and strategies for interacting with clients in ways that encompass a transpersonal or a spiritual view of relationships.

Body And Soul In Coleridge S Notebooks 1827 1834

Author: S. Webster
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230245811
Size: 47.89 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3355
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Through an examination of his later personal notebooks, this study explores the reciprocal effects that Samuel Taylor Coleridge's scientific explorations, philosophical convictions, theological beliefs, and states of health exerted upon his perceptions of human Body/Soul relations, both in life and after death.

Edith Stein And The Body Soul Spirit At The Center Of Holistic Formation

Author: Marian Maskulak
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820495392
Size: 10.11 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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With a particular emphasis on the soul, this book explores Edith Stein's holistic conception of the human being's body-soul-spirit unity, which forms the foundation of her Christian anthropology and her view of human formation. Characterized by an unremitting attention to interconnections, Stein emerges as a forerunner of contemporary holistic approaches. "Edith Stein and the Body-Soul-Spirit at the Center of Holistic Formation" demonstrates the breadth and relevance of Stein's work by engaging her thought with the anthropological views of fellow phenomenologist John Paul II, Wilkie Au's perspectives on holistic spirituality and formation, and several nonreductionist, neuroscientific viewpoints of the human being. This book also makes available to the English reader a significant amount of material from Stein's untranslated works. Anyone interested in theological anthropology, holistic spirituality, human formation, the body-mind question, or Edith Stein studies will benefit from the wealth of material presented in this single book.

Judo Heart And Soul

Author: Hayward Nishioka
Publisher: Black Belt Communications
ISBN: 9780897501378
Size: 72.15 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2812
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Presenting 46 years of the author's observations about the martial art, this book investigates the mental aspects and philosophy behind judo.

Divine Soul Mind Body Healing And Transmission System Special Edition

Author: Zhi Gang Sha
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439183295
Size: 61.60 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 707
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In 2006, Dr. Sha published his first major book on soul healing, in which he revealed this one sentence secret: Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow. In 2009, the Divine further guided Dr. Sha to create the Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System. In this remarkable and uplifting guide, Dr. Sha reveals practical techniques to heal you, your loved ones, pets, relationships, finances, organizations, Mother Earth, and humanity. In addition, Dr. Sha shares deep secrets of traditional Chinese medicine and ancient philosophies and offers step-by-step exercises and easy tips for healing and rejuvenation. This divine soul healing system will teach you how to: · Remove soul, mind, and body blockages. · Receive Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants. · Invoke and practice with Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants. This Special Edition includes a new 5-hour Soul Power Video Series that consists of thirteen illuminating episodes on 3 DVDs. The first DVD explains the importance of clearing soul, mind, and body blockages for self-healing. The second DVD explains Five Elements, a key teaching of traditional Chinese medicine, and how to heal each element of the body. The third DVD shows how the Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System and other soul healing toolscan be used for universal healing. Each viewercan also receive additional Divine Soul MindBody Transplants as divine gifts. This book offers you the most powerful soul healing available at this time; it is truly a breakthrough divine gift and treasure for humanity.

Body Against Soul

Author: Masha Raskolnikov
Publisher: Interventions: New Studies in
ISBN: 9780814211021
Size: 71.78 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7274
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In medieval allegory, Body and Soul were often pitted against one another in debate. In Body Against Soul: Gender and Sowlehele in Middle English Allegory, Masha Raskolnikov argues that such debates function as a mode of thinking about psychology, gender, and power in the Middle Ages. Neither theological nor medical in nature, works of sowlehele (“soul-heal”) described the self to itself in everyday language—moderns might call this kind of writing “self-help.” Bringing together contemporary feminist and queer theory along with medieval psychological thought, Body Against Soul examines Piers Plowman, the “Katherine Group,” and the history of psychological allegory and debate. In so doing, it rewrites the history of the Body to include its recently neglected fellow, the Soul. The topic of this book is one that runs through all of Western history and remains of primary interest to modern theorists—how “my” body relates to “me.” In the allegorical tradition traced by this study, a male person could imagine himself as a being populated by female personifications, because Latin and Romance languages tended to gender abstract nouns as female. However, since Middle English had ceased to inflect abstract nouns as male or female, writers were free to gender abstractions like “Will” or “Reason” any way they liked. This permitted some psychological allegories to avoid the representational tension caused by placing a female soul inside a male body, instead creating surprisingly queer same-sex inner worlds. The didactic intent driving sowlehele is, it turns out, complicated by the erotics of the struggle to establish a hierarchy of the self's inner powers.


Author: Dr. Douglas M. Baker
Publisher: Baker eBooks Publishing
ISBN: 1625691823
Size: 67.24 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1936
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INTRODUCTION TO THE ZODIAC SERIES: Special English Edition Personality and Soul Characteristics plus Rising Signs Discover your own myth and revitalise your life with the power of ESOTERIC astrology! Astrology comes of age with this remarkable set of 12 zodiac books (Each sign sold separately) that explore the inner person, the secret Self, as well as the personality that the Self presents to the world. You will be astounded to discover how far reaching the influence of the signs are on our lives, especially our sun (birth) and rising signs, and how much you are a product of the stars. These easy-to-read books are far more than a representation of the same old characteristics and qualities of the signs. With over 55 years of practical experience in astrology, research, teaching and interpretation, Dr. Douglas M. Baker is in a unique position to fully appreciate just what it is people want to know about themselves. In these works he shares his knowledge with us all, covering such subjects as: · The personality and psychology of the signs. · Helpful hints on raising the children of each sign. · Health and the zodiac. · Flower remedies and tissue salts related to each sign. · How your own sign is reflected in the world around you. · The talents and potential genius of the signs. · The Rising Sign – an indication of the life’s purpose. · The spiritual path of your sign. · The qualities and influences of your sign’s ruling planet. · Sample charts and their detailed interpretation These books will help you tap into reservoirs of energy that are linked to your own sign. Energy that will help you cope with the stresses and strains of modern life and bring you into closer contact with the real you, your inner self! This is your birthright because you were born in that particular sign. ARIES: March 21st to April 20th TAURUS: April 21st to May 21st GEMINI: May 22nd to June 21st CANCER: June 22nd to July 23rd LEO: July 24th to August 23rd VIRGO: August 24th to September 23rd LIBRA: September 24th to October 23rd SCORPIO: October 24th to November 22nd SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd to December 21st CAPRICORN: December 22nd to January 20th AQUARIUS: January 21st to February 19th PISCES: February 20th to March 20th