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Coma Menos Viva M S Su Gu A Pr Ctica De La Restricci N Cal Rica Con Nutrici N Ptima

Author: Anca Ioviţă
Publisher: Babelcube Inc.
ISBN: 150719109X
Size: 24.82 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Durante mi tercer año en la escuela de medicina me encontré con un artículo en línea sobre la restricción calórica con nutrición óptima. He leído sobre una intervención de dieta aparentemente simple que prolonga la esperanza de vida promedio y máxima de animales de laboratorio tales como la levadura, moscas de la fruta, gusanos y ratones. En ese momento, no estaba al tanto de que tales experimentos hayan sido realizados en primates no humanos también. Honestamente, lo había descartado como curiosidad, una intervención que podría tener algún efecto en organismos simples tales como las moscas de la futa, pero algo que nunca podría funcionar en seres complejos como nosotros. Parecía muy bueno para ser verdad. El tiempo pasó y me demostró que estaba equivocada. Desde la infancia sentía una fascinación por los límites de la extensión de la vida, estudie ingeniería y medicina en un intento de prolongar radicalmente la vida humana. Después de un breve periodo de investigación en prótesis neurales en un laboratorio Alemán, me di cuenta que implantar dispositivos artificiales en el cuerpo humano no es una solución a largo plazo.Volví a mi casa donde comencé la residencia medica en geriatría, la rama de la medicina especializada en enfermedades asociadas con la edad. Luego sucedió algo gracioso. Leer sobre teorías del envejecimiento es una cosa. El cuidado diario para personas 3-4 veces mayor es otra cosa completamente diferente, por lo que comencé a atar cabos. Me di cuenta que algunas personas envejecían como el vino y otras como la vinagre. De acuerdo con su estructura delgada e historias detalladas de la vida, parecía que la ingesta de calorías tenía algo que ver con ello. Así es como comencé a escribir las primeras palabras para este libro. Tabla de Contenidos Introducción •Principios básicos de la Restricción Calórica con Nutrición Óptima •Q

Eat Less Live Longer Your Practical Guide To Calorie Restriction With Optimal Nutrition

Author: Anca Ioviţă
Publisher: Anca Ioviţă
ISBN: 8822878701
Size: 31.58 MB
Format: PDF
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During my third year of medical school I stumbled upon an online article about calorie restriction with optimal nutrition. I read about an apparently simple diet intervention that prolonged the average and maximum lifespan of laboratory animals such as yeast, fruit flies, worms and mice. At that time, I wasn’t aware that such experiments were already done on non-human primates too. Honestly, I dismissed it as a curiosity, an intervention that could have some effect in simple organisms such as fruit flies, but something which would never work in complex beings like us. It just seemed too good to be true. Time passed and proved me wrong. Given an early childhood fascination with the limits of life extension, I studied engineering and medicine in an attempt to radically prolong human lifespan. After a short stint of research in neural prosthetics in a German lab, I realized implanting artificial devices into the human body is not a long-term solution. I returned home where I started the medical residency in geriatrics, the branch of medicine specialized in age-associated diseases. A funny thing happened then. Reading about theories of aging is one thing. Daily caring for people 3-4 times your age is a completely different thing and I started to connect the dots. I noticed some people aged like wine and others aged like vinegar. According to their skinny frames and detailed lifetime stories, it looked like calorie intake had something to do with it. That’s how I got started in typing the first words for this book. ********* TABLE OF CONTENTS *********** Introduction Basic Principles of Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition What You Will NOT Find in this Book How Should You Use This Book? Less is More for Rodents. Is It the Same for Humans? Indications and Contraindications of Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition Medical Tests for Monitoring Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition How Do You Choose Quality Food? Where to Source Quality Food When Looks May Deceive You Which Food Choices Provide the Most Nutrients for the Least Amount of Calories? Beverages The Smoothie Formula The Joys of Vegetables The Basic Soup The Wonders of Roe How to Serve Fish Sushi – the Perfect Ocean Food Edible Mushrooms Pates, Dips and Spreads Animal Products and Offal A Small Guide to Culinary Herbs and Spices The Comfort of Herbal Teas Desserts A Raw Vegan Cake Eating out When Restricting Calories How to Turn Quality Ingredients into Amazing Dishes Where Can You Source Nutritious Low-Calorie Recipes? Cooking Utensils or Tools of the Trade Calorie Restriction for the Long Term The Ups and Downs of Fasting How to Implement Calorie Restriction as a Full-Time Professional The Practical Shopping List How to Choose Dietary Supplements Are There Alternatives to Calorie Restriction? The End Acknowledgments Bibliography

The Aging Gap Between Species

Author: Anca Ioviţă
Publisher: Anca Ioviţă
ISBN: 8822878795
Size: 64.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Aging is a puzzle to solve. This process is traditionally studied in a couple of biological models like fruit flies, worms and mice. What all these species have in common is their fast aging. This is excellent for lab budgets. It is a great short-term strategy. Who has time to study species that live for decades? But lifespan differences among species are magnitudes of order larger than any lifespan variation achieved in the lab. This is the reason for which I studied countless information resources in an attempt to gather highly specialized research into one easy-to-follow book. I wanted to see the forest among the trees. I wanted to expose the aging gap between species in an easy-to-follow and logical sequence. This book is my attempt at doing just that. What are the mechanisms underlying the aging gap between species? I intentionally chose to write the answer to this question in plain English. Aging research is too important to hide it behind the closed doors of formal scientific jargon. This book could not have existed if green tea, libraries and the Internet were not invented. The amount of data I had to browse in order to keep the essential patterns is huge. Yet this book is not exhaustive. This is not a dry academic textbook. I tried to instill life in a topic that is hugely important for the extension of human lifespan. Only you can decide if I achieved this. ********* TABLE OF CONTENTS *********** Finding the Forest Among the Trees Being Reliable Counts The Mathematics of Aging The Speed of Senescence Case Study: Aging in Fish How to Estimate Chronological Age Taking Life Slowly On Temperature and Aging Dormancy The Housekeeping Problem Case Study: Aging in Turtles Intracellular Junk Case Study: Aging in Crustaceans Extracellular Junk Case Study: Protein Quality Control The Sweet Poison Are Cell Membranes the Pacemakers of Metabolism? Could Reproduction Set up the Pacemaker of Senescence? The Segregation of Somatic and Germ Cells Clonal Senescence Versus Mechanical Senescence Same Species, Different Lifespans Case Study: Eusocial Species Case Study: Parasite/Free-Living Populations Case Study: Island Versus Inland Populations Hormones as Pacemakers of Senescence Case Study: Low Hormone Levels in Long-lived Rodents Is Aging a Form of Dehydration? The Immune Pacemaker of Senescence Innate Versus Adaptive Immunity Senescent Cells Case Study: Thymic Involution in Negligible Senescence Species Reverse Engineering the Body Case Study: Why Are Sponges Potentially Immortal? Modular Growth and Aging Case Study: Youth Is Forever Gone. Unless You Are a Hydra. Or an Immortal Jellyfish Down The Neoteny Lane Case Study: Neoteny in Amphibians Case Study: Neoteny in Mammals It's All About Neoteny Does Aging Start When Growth Stops? Case Study: Indeterminate Growth in Crustaceans The Rate of Growth Case Study: Aging in Bivalves Is Telomerase The New Fountain of Youth? Case Study: Same Species, Different Telomerase Expression Telomerase Gene Therapy Case Study: Sea Urchins Perennial Plants and Their Regenerating Roots Case Study: The Bristlecone Pine Unitary Versus Colonial Organisms Cancer The Paradox of Peto Case Study: Cancer in Long-Lived Species The End Acknowledgments Bibliography

Optima And Equilibria

Author: Jean-Pierre Aubin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662035391
Size: 58.37 MB
Format: PDF
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Progress in the theory of economic equilibria and in game theory has proceeded hand in hand with that of the mathematical tools used in the field, namely nonlinear analysis and, in particular, convex analysis. Jean-Pierre Aubin, one of the leading specialists in nonlinear analysis and its application to economics, has written a rigorous and concise - yet still elementary and self-contained - textbook providing the mathematical tools needed to study optima and equilibria, as solutions to problems, arising in economics, management sciences, operations research, cooperative and non-cooperative games, fuzzy games etc. It begins with the foundations of optimization theory, and mathematical programming, and in particular convex and nonsmooth analysis. Nonlinear analysis is then presented, first game-theoretically, then in the framework of set valued analysis. These results are then applied to the main classes of economic equilibria. The book contains numerous exercises and problems: the latter allow the reader to venture into areas of nonlinear analysis that lie beyond the scope of the book and of most graduate courses.

Zoonoses And Communicable Diseases Common To Man And Animals Chlamydioses Rickettsioses And Viroses

Author: Pedro N. Acha
Publisher: Pan American Health Org
ISBN: 9275119929
Size: 46.86 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2878
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In recent years, zoonoses and communicable diseases common to man and animals have gained increasing attention worldwide. Human diseases that have their origins in infected animals, such as AIDS or Creutzfeldt-Jakob, have highlighted the need for a better understanding of animal diseases in terms of their epidemiology, mechanism of transmission to man, diagnosis, prevention and control. Encroachment into formerly little known ecological areas has increased exposure to such diseases. Also, the speed of modern travel facilitates the spread of the diseases once confined to specific geographic areas. Animal migration and trade pose a similar threat. This new edition provides a detailed overview of the most important zoonotic diseases including: its first appearance, most important outbreaks, latest scientific knowledge, and causative agents. It includes etiology, geographic distribution, symptoms and occurrence in man and animals, source of infection, mode of transmission, role of animals in the epidemiology of the disease, diagnostic techniques and prevention and control measures; name and number according to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD -10.). It also includes an index covering synonyms and etiologic agents' names.

The 80 10 10 Diet

Author: Douglas Graham
Publisher: FoodNSport
ISBN: 189383199X
Size: 35.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Dr. Doug Graham has taken the increasingly popular and tremendously successful low-fat, plant-based diet and turbo-charged it for unprecedented, off-the-charts results. Eclipsing even the astounding benefits so well documented by renowned health professionals who also advocate low-fat eating, Dr. Graham's plan is the first to present a low-fat diet and lifestyle program based exclusively around whole, fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables. From effortless body weight management to unprecedented vibrant health and disease reversal to blockbuster athletic performance, The 80/10/10 Diet delivers in ways no other plan can even hope to match. But instead of reading our own tireless advocacy, here are stories of 811 success from around the world.

Stop The Clock

Author: P. D. Mangan
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781514282427
Size: 69.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Can you really slow or reverse aging? The science of aging has made huge advances in recent years, and has found a number of things that will slow or reverse aging. The program outlined in this book requires nothing expensive - and in fact costs next to nothing, other than some self-discipline - and is solidly backed by the latest research in anti-aging science.

The Fastdiet Revised Updated

Author: Michael Mosley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 150110201X
Size: 10.91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"This new diet allows users to eat whatever they like five days a week and then fast (consuming 500-600 calories/day) for two nonconsecutive days-- and lose weight quickly and easily"--

What Are You Hungry For

Author: Deepak Chopra
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448177170
Size: 41.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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What do you crave? For many of us, sugary treats, fatty meals and high-calorie snacks are impossible to resist. And yet, reaching the bottom of the biscuit tin rarely leaves us feeling satisfied. What if we are actually hungry for something much more fulfilling? In this groundbreaking book, bestselling author and endocrinologist Deepak Chopra unites the latest scientific and alternative therapy research to reveal how our overeating is often a symptom of ‘inner starvation’ – a hunger for love, self-esteem, happiness and security. By changing our approach to eating using the tools in this book, we can heal our bodies and minds to achieve permanent weight loss, a longer, happier life and spiritual well-being. The ultimate guide to inner and outer health, What Are You Hungry For? will change the way you eat forever.

The Last London Gangster

Author: Sidney Wright
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483564231
Size: 18.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Mickey Walker is a notorious and well respected drug smuggler and business man living in London. After returning home from prison after serving 7 years for smuggling marijuana his life is thrown straight back into the sinister and deceit of London’s criminal underworld. Mickey has plans to up the ante and smuggle large amounts of cocaine into the UK via his own plane that he keeps in an unused private airfield in Essex. But with Detective Frampton and the Russian Mafia closely on his trail will Mickey succeed or will this be his final downfall.