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High School Dxd Asia Koneko S Secret Contract

Author: Ichiei Ishibumi
Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 0316258199
Size: 36.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5716
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Can this duo of devilish darlings really grant any wish?! The naturally clumsy Sister Asia and taciturn cutie Koneko form an unlikely pair as they head out to answer summons from humans with requests, but...can they really fulfill every desire?! These two little devil beauties get down to work in this spin-off of the megahit High School DxD!

High School Dxd

Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 1975353277
Size: 33.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4589
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AN AWESOME POWER IS UNLEASHED...WITH THE HELP OF THE PRESIDENT'S CHEST?! Now that training is done and Rias's peerage is back together again, it's time to party! With just one day before the big game, tensions are running high, and things only get worse when some party crashers arrive! Issei is eager to show off the results of his training, but he still can't activate his Balance Breaker...or can he? Looking at Rias, his eyes drift downward, and he realizes what he must do...Is there room in Minato's harem for one more?

The Honor Student At Magic High School

Author: Tsutomu Satou
Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 1975327039
Size: 20.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 7363
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The girls of First High are going strong at the Nine School Competition! Can Honoka overcome Touko Tsukushiin's mastery of water to become Battle Board champion? And who will emerge victorious in the all-First High finals of Ice Pillars Break? It's Miyuki's overwhelming power vs. Shizuku's technical ingenuity, with both sides eager to prove something!

High School Dxd

Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 0316340529
Size: 60.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 5033
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I'm gonna suck on the president's boobs! The fight over the holy swords heats up, and so do Issei's passions! As devils, fallen angels, and agents of the church all vie for control of the stolen Excaliburs, devil sword user Kiba's hidden past comes to light! Friendship and hot-blooded lust collide in this mix of school romcom and fantasy war games!!

Sound Euphonium Light Novel

Author: Ayano Takeda
Publisher: Yen Press LLC
ISBN: 0316559806
Size: 79.60 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3251
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Finding herself, one note at a time... After a terrible disappointment at the All-Kyoto Concert Band Competition, music has lost its spark for Kumiko. But her first year at Kitauji High School is a chance for a fresh start. So when it comes time to choose a club, she can't resist joining the band again--even though they're simply terrible. The strict new club director has promised to whip them into shape to reach Nationals, but the trouble runs deeper than just a lack of practice. Plus, the discord within the club tugs at Kumiko's old insecurities. Will Kitauji High School find its rhythm before the competition? Will Kumiko?

Fairy Girls

Author: Hiro Mashima
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
ISBN: 1682336379
Size: 63.16 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2435
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FRIENDS FOR LIFE When there’s magical trouble in Fiore, everyone knows they count on the powerful women of Fairy Tail. The girls are faced with a new batch of problems to solve, from the dangerous to the romantic! Lucy, Erza, Juvia, and Wendy are called to investigate one of the kingdom’s most powerful corporations after an intrepid journalist uncovers some dark secrets. Wendy needs little help from her friends to become a love guru, and the group must also stop a string of public bombings. But the biggest challenge is waiting for Lucy when she’s forced to play nurse when the girls get sick. Can she handle things on her own without her beloved team? Final volume!

11th Cat

Author: Kim Mi-Kyung
Publisher: Yen Press
ISBN: 9788952745002
Size: 18.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 7480
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After meeting Nomi's brother, Rika leaves Nomi behind with him and returns back home with her uncle. Meanwhile, the secret scheme of the Sword Master of Black Iron is revealed... to revive Arthur, his best friend and Rika's father, at the price of Rika's life!! The final volume of the cutest adventure ever is now here!!

The Antique Gift Shop

Author: Eun Lee
Publisher: Yen Press
ISBN: 9780759531659
Size: 42.65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6888
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Having decided to return to the Antique Gift Shop, Bun-Nyuh discovers that one of her most precious antiques is missing and leaves the store in search of it. Little does she know her quest will follow a path laid out by fate, setting the present onto a collision course with the past - one that will reveal the truth behind the bond shared by Bun-Nyuh's grandmother and her friend, as well as Mr. Yang's true identity. Will Bun-Nyuh be able to fulfill her destiny as a shaman? Or will she deny the essence of her being until the very end?! Find out in the conclusion to The Antique Gift Shop!