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I Didn T Steal Your Mermaid

Author: R. Stim
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781480265042
Size: 48.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4638
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Have you ever heard a mermaid sing? 12-year old Frankie Jackson has … and now she's in a mess of trouble. “Set in the fascinating world of Sausalito's houseboat community, I Didn't Steal Your Mermaid features the inimitable adventures of Frankie Jackson, surely the cleverest and most endearing 12-year old to ever match wits with evil doers.” -- Jake Warner,

Purrfect Rivalry

Author: Nic Saint
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781717422699
Size: 69.41 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5933
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When someone takes a shot at well-renowned pop star Charlie Dieber and kills one of his bodyguards instead, Odelia Poole, self-confessed Bedieber and big-time fan, is quick to offer her assistance to help find the shooter. Teaming up with Detective Chase Kingsley, she enters the world of the Dieber, and soon discovers not everything is as it seems. Odelia's cat menagerie, meanwhile, is in a state of shock when longtime rival Diego returns to Hampton Cove, and immediately starts stirring up trouble. Diego has one goal in mind: take over Max's place in Odelia's home and heart and get Max, Dooley and Brutus sent to the pound. The only one who can help them is Clarice, their feral friend. She got rid of Diego once, and they hope she will do it again. Unfortunately Clarice has been adopted. By Charlie Dieber. Will Diego become Odelia's new go-to feline sleuth or will Max strike back? Will they be able to stop the killer before he kills the world's number-one pop star? And will Grandma move to Washington and go into politics? Find out in Purrfect Rivalry, a cozy cat mystery like no other.

Escape Claws

Author: Linda Reilly
Publisher: Lyrical Underground
ISBN: 1516104161
Size: 77.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 319
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Here, killer, killer, killer . . . For the first time in sixteen years, Lara Caphart has returned to her hometown of Whisker Jog, New Hampshire. She wants to reconnect with her estranged Aunt Fran, who’s having some difficulty looking after herself—and her eleven cats. Taking care of a clowder of kitties is easy, but keeping Fran from being harassed by local bully Theo Barnes is hard. The wealthy builder has his sights set on Fran’s property, and is determined to make her an offer she doesn’t dare refuse. Then Lara spots a blue-eyed ragdoll cat that she swears is the reincarnation of her beloved Blue, her childhood pet. Pursuing the feline to the edge of Fran’s yard, she stumbles upon the body of Theo Barnes, clearly a victim of foul play. To get her and Fran off the suspect list, Lara finds herself following the cat’s clues in search of a killer. Is Blue’s ghost really trying to help her solve a murder, or has Lara inhaled too much catnip? Praise for Linda Reilly’s Deep Fried Mysteries “I thoroughly enjoyed this puzzler of a mystery. Reilly cooks up a perfect recipe of murder and mayhem in this charming cozy.” —Jenn McKinlay, New York Times bestselling author of the Hat Shop Mysteries “Smart, sassy, and a little bit scary. Everything a good cozy should be!” —Laura Childs, New York Times bestselling author of the Tea Shop Mysteries “Everything I want in a cozy mystery: endearing characters, an enchanting setting, tantalizing food descriptions and a top-notch mystery plot!” —Susan Furlong, author of the Georgia Peach Mysteries

The Bengal Identity

Author: Eileen Watkins
Publisher: Kensington
ISBN: 1496710592
Size: 36.69 MB
Format: PDF
View: 459
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Everyone knows a leopard can't change its spots. But can a thief hide the spots on a catnapped Bengal? Groomer Cassie McGlone is about to find out . . . With no ID for his pet, an agitated young man shows up at Cassie's Comfy Cats claiming his house has burned down and he needs to board his big, brown cat, Ayesha. But after a bath washes dye out of the cat's coat and reveals beautiful spots, Cassie suspects the exotic-looking feline may in fact be a valuable Bengal show cat, possibly stolen. At the same time, there are rumored sightings of a "wild cat" in the hills of Chadwick, New Jersey. Could there be a connection? When Ayesha's alleged owner turns up dead, it looks like whoever wants the beautiful Bengal is not pussyfooting around. Working with the police, Cassie and her staff need to be careful not to reveal the purloined purebred's whereabouts while they discreetly make inquiries to cat breeders to find her real owners. But after a break-in attempt rattles Cassie's cage, it's clear someone let the cat out of the bag. And when a second body is found, it's up to Cassie to spot the killer, who may be grooming her to be the next victim . . . Praise for The Persian Always Meows Twice “A delightful debut mystery. It's smart, well-plotted, and features a cast of characters—both human and feline—that I want to see more of. This book will be catnip for cat lovers.” —Laurien Berenson, author of Wagging through the Snow “The purr-fecf mystery to curl up with for a lovely cozy read, preferably with a cup of tea, cuddly cat optional but recommended.”—Leslie Meier, author of Turkey Trot Murder

Cat In A Hot Pink Pursuit

Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780765352682
Size: 15.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4846
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Investigating the appearance of bizarrely mutilated Barbie dolls throughout Las Vegas, amateur detective Temple Barr, assisted by feline companion Midnight Louie, agrees to go undercover on a reality TV show among a horde of ruthless teen blondes, one of whom appears willing to kill in order to secure her victory. Reprint.

Spooky Times

Author: Nic Saint
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548445911
Size: 63.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2901
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Who is Alice Whitehouse? Mortician's assistant, gun store clerk and chairwoman of the neighborhood watch committee. Loving daughter of the Chief of Police. Best friend to local baker Felicity Bell. And then there's the fact that Alice sees dead people. Unfortunately, they can also see her, and occasionally ask her help in solving their murder. With pluck, resolve and cheerfulness in the face of danger, she does just that, aided and abetted by the members of her neighborhood watch committee, and local police detective Rock Walker, on whom she may or may not have a secret-or not-so-secret-crush. When Gemma Weston is found murdered, the crime baffles the police. It also baffles Alice's neighborhood watch committee, but that has never stopped the spunky ladies of the committee before. They dive headfirst into the murder investigation, very much to the exasperation of Alice's dad, Chief of Police Whitehouse, and the newest member of the Happy Bays Police Department, Detective Rock Walker. Spurred on by an increasingly annoying Gemma, whose ghost isn't the nicest one Alice has ever encountered, she puts her sleuthing powers to the test to catch a killer before he or she can strike again. Spooky Times is the first installment in this new humorous cozy ghost mystery series featuring Alice Whitehouse. You may have met Alice before, in The Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse. This spinoff fully stands alone, and doesn't require any knowledge of the original series, which is complete at nine books.

The Christmas Kitten

Author: Jessica Spawn
ISBN: 9781979931335
Size: 26.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4489
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An orphaned kitten is rescued by Santa's Reindeer and his big-hearted wish saves ALL the kitties on Christmas!This is a fresh twist on a Children's Christmas story that centers around belonging, hope, rescue, and how caring for others can change the world! What people are saying:"Heartwarming... A KITTYCATabulous CHRISTMAS Classic!!!" ~Dora C."The magic of the season meets big-hearted animal rescue mission in "The Christmas Kitten," a fresh fable with a classic feel. A new favorite bedtime story to inspire hope, empathy, ingenuity in the next generation of animal lovers." ~A. Raasch"Pure PURRfection. Christmas magic still exists and it can be found in the heart of a little kitten with a very special holiday wish." ~ M. Lapaierre"As someone who has been in cat rescue for the past 10 years, this sweet story really hit close to home. I think this story is very inspirational and will help kids learn compassion for others and our four legged friends!" ~ C. Pennington "The Casual Cat Cafe""This adorable children's book about a homeless kitten that is rescued by Santa's reindeer is creatively written, beautifully illustrated, and reminds us all of the meaning of Christmas - hope, acceptance and love. Reading The Christmas Kitten made us smile and will become part of our Christmas tradition." ~ M. Stevens"'The Christmas Kitten' is a delightful tale sure to warm any heart at this time of year! Parents will enjoy reading it to their children and the message of not just looking to your own interests but caring for the needs of others." ~ H. Smith"Wow what an awesome book! It really made me tear up! I think every kid should have one! Cute story." ~ K. Cantrell"While we know about those all nestled in bed, there's still more of those creatures to be said - a lonely Kitten; - a joyous seasonal refrain of selfless hope to spark those young in heart to scope - a lowly Christmas Kitten." ~Larry S."No one is too insignificant to change the world. Heart warming story every cat lover will adore." ~ N. Jackson

The Long Paw Of The Law

Author: Diane Kelly
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 1250197368
Size: 46.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1858
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Texas police officer Megan Luz and her K-9 partner Brigit have come a long way, baby. A BUNDLE OF JOY. A DOG-EAT-DOG WORLD. . . One night, while on duty with her four-legged crime-fighting companion, Meg gets an urgent call from her boyfriend Seth, who works for the Fort Worth fire department. A baby girl has turned up at the station with only two clues to her identity: One is a peace-sign symbol stitched into her blanket. The other is a word, written in string: help. Megan follows every loose thread and, along with Brigit, ends up on a twisted path that leads to the People of Peace compound, the site of a religious sect on the outskirts of the city. Its leader, Father Emmanuel, keeps his followers on a short leash—and his enemies even closer. Could this be the abandoned baby’s original home? And if so, why was she cast out? Now that Megan and Brigit are on the case, the secrets of this reclusive cult are bound to be dug up. . . Diane Kelly is back with The Long Paw of the Law, the seventh installment in her drool-worthy Paw Enforcement series. “Four Paws Up! This is a fabulous series that is sure to win the hearts of mystery fans and dog lovers alike!” —Books and Trouble

Cat Shining Bright

Author: Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062460889
Size: 10.39 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3501
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The stakes are higher and more personal than ever for feline investigator Joe Grey when death comes to his beloved coastal California town in this twentieth installment of the enchanting cat mystery series. While new father Joe Grey is overjoyed to teach his three young kittens about the world, he misses his cop work — secretly helping solve crimes alongside his human friends at Molena Point P. D. But when beautician Barbara Conley and one of her customers are found dead in the salon, Joe makes an exception, he heads for the crime scene. He has no idea that the kittens are following him, or how they will complicate the investigation. But this is not the only danger to the kittens. A stranger is lurking around the home of Joe’s tabby lady, Dulcie, where the kittens were born. Both parents’ backs are up and their claws out, ready to protect their babies and to protect Wilma Getz, Dulcie’s human housemate. As the death of the beautician becomes entangled with a gang of thieves working the village, Joe, Dulcie, Kit and Pan are all into the investigation; and they are led to unexpected connections, to the building of the new cat shelter and to a neighbor who becomes suddenly an unexpected part of the tangle. Joe Grey fans will relish this latest installment following their favorite feline detective and his growing group of friends.

Crime Rhymes

Author: Dixie J. Whitted
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781546416142
Size: 25.40 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7491
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Filled with over 200 lawless limericks and punny poems along with some quirky cartoons, all with a mystery twist. Don't miss the particularly peculiar chapters on Lizzie Borden and Sherlock Holmes. Includes a special bonus feature - the short story "The Case of the Stainless Spinster."