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Red Winter

Author: Annette Marie
ISBN: 9781988153087
Size: 77.25 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Emi's destiny was written by the gods. She has spent her life preparing to become the mortal host of a goddess, but when she discovers the lies surrounding her fate, she makes a dangerous bargain with a fox spirit to find the truth. As her final days as a mortal approach, she must choose whether to bow to duty ... or fight for her life.

Red Winter

Author: Anneli Furmark
Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly
ISBN: 9781770463066
Size: 77.13 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Political tensions flare as an adulterous romance blossoms in the heart of a barren, Swedish winter The scene is late seventies Sweden: the four-decade-long reign of the once indestructible socio-democratic party has come to an end. Parties on the far left begin to mobilize, hoping to overcome the prevailing capitalist model on a national scale, but also in the streets, factories, and small towns to the North. This is where we meet Siv: a married mother of three employed by the youth sector of her local socio-democratic chapter. Without warning, Siv falls in love with a young Maoist, Ulrik, who recently arrived from the south of Sweden to militarize—and gain control—of the steelworkers union. Anneli Furmark’s Red Winter weaves together the story of Siv, Ukrik, and the concentric circles of tension that slowly build around them, threatening to disintegrate her family’s foundation. Her three children look on, noticing a shift in their mother without fully understanding it. Siv and Ulrik drift through the season, musing on their actions, their politics, their love, and its inevitable consequences—while Furmark’s delicate hues of blue and orange heighten the cinematic qualities of northern Sweden’s isolated landscape. Red Winter is a tale of a love that haunts in the darkness of winter.

Red Winter A Novel

Author: Dan Smith
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1605986607
Size: 78.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Delivering harrowing adventure and suspense set against an unforgiving landscape, the new novel by Dan Smith will leave you chilled to the bone . . . 1920, central Russia. The Red Terror tightens its hold. Kolya has deserted his Red Army unit and returns home to bury his brother and reunite with his wife and sons. But he finds the village silent and empty. The men have been massacred in the forest. The women and children have disappeared. In this remote, rural Russian community the folk tales that mothers tell their children by candlelight take on powerful significance, and the terrifying legend of Koschei, The Deathless One, begins to feel very real. Kolya sets out on a journey through dense, haunting forests and across vast plains against the bitter winter, in the desperate hope he will find his wife and two boys—and find them alive. But there are very dark things in Kolya's past. And, as he strives to find his family, there's someone—or something—following his trail . . .

The Red Winter

Author: Henry H. Neff
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375971408
Size: 52.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An inventive and action-packed mix of fantasy, science fiction, and mythology, all in a realistic contemporary setting. Rowan has won a battle, but not the war. With proper allies, Rowan’s armies could storm the demon stronghold, capture its ruler, and end the reign of demonkind. But while nations clash, a greater struggle lies elsewhere. In his desperate pursuit of Astaroth, Elias Bram scours the world for clues to the fiend’s true origins, identity, and purpose. His horrifying discoveries hint that not only is humanity at risk, but the earth itself. Its fate may depend upon three children. With their unmatchable skills, it’s up to Max McDaniels, David Menlo, and little Mina to tip the balance! In the Tapestry’s final volume, Henry H. Neff concludes an unforgettable series in which magic can live, gods can die, and the highest stakes require the greatest sacrifice.

Red Winter

Author: Kyra Kaptzan Robinov
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533393470
Size: 67.28 MB
Format: PDF
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It is the winter of 1920. While the peaceful remote city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur in far Eastern Siberia is frozen from the world, a band of Bolshevik revolutionaries infiltrates the town and arrests the majority of the population: businessmen, bourgeoisie, foreigners and Jews. Luba's husband, Ilya, a prominent newspaper editor and lawyer, is among those jailed and tortured. Overnight, her comfortable, upper class life is upended and Luba finds herself on the run with four small children and a mother-in-law. Pigsties...abandoned warehouses...opium dens--these are just a few of the places Luba is forced to seek refuge as she tries to elude capture and stay alive. Will her former servants, a Chinese cook and a Russian coachman, help or turn on her? The little-known history of this exotic time and place is seen through the eyes ofa reluctant heroine grappling with adversity and loss during the dangerous political chaos following the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II. Kyra Kaptzan Robinov has woven her family's history into a fictional narrative. Having grown up hearing her father and grandmother tell of that winter, she felt compelled to capture it in writing. Though their accounts contained villains and executions, peril and pain, they always seemed more like escapades than reality. When Kyra started to research the actual historical events, the gruesome details she uncovered were in such contrast to the quaint tales she'd heard in her childhood that she didn't know how to reconcile the discrepancy. Had her father misremembered? Had her grandmother blotted out the horrors of her past? How could she ever weave together the conflicting information? Red Winter is a story that resonates today where, again, one percent of the population controls all the wealth while dissatisfied masses are poised to revolt and over 60 million people are displaced worldwide, the highest number in history. Like Luba, any of our lives could be disrupted tomorrow; but would we have the grit to survive such a tumultuous turn of events?"

Hard Red Winter

Author: Jordan Vezina
ISBN: 9781521458815
Size: 10.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Growing up on the streets of 1930's Atlanta, Henry never learned to see color the way that others did. As his journey takes him across the deep south by boxcar and then to Illinois in the truck of a bible salesman named Frank, Henry begins to see the tapestry of a distressed America unraveling like the road before him. This book chronicles Henry's journey from being a dirt poor orphan, to finding himself the patriarch of an accidental family, working a farm on the verge of collapse, and coming nose to nose with the early twentieth century realities of racism, the Ku Klux Klan and the cheapness of life.

Red Light Winter

Author: Adam Rapp
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0865479542
Size: 26.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Escaping their lives in Manhattan, former college buddies Matt and Davis take off to the Netherlands and find themselves thrown into a bizarre love triangle with a beautiful young prostitute named Christina. But the romance they find in Europe is eventually overshadowed by the truth they discover at home.

Dark Tempest

Author: Annette Marie
ISBN: 9781988153094
Size: 58.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4430
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In the mesmerizing sequel to Red Winter, Emi can no longer hide within the safety of the shrines. The goddess has charged Emi and Shiro with a new task, one that will take them deep into the perilous realm of yokai. With the fate of the world in her mortal hands, is she strong enough to sacrifice everything - including him?

The Winter Of Red Snow

Author: Kristiana Gregory
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN: 9780545238021
Size: 66.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Eleven-year-old Abigail presents a diary account of life in Valley Forge from December 1777 to July 1778 as General Washington prepares his troops to fight the British.

Immortal Fire

Author: Annette Marie
ISBN: 9781988153117
Size: 46.61 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6098
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With a traitorous deity poised to destroy her world, Emi must break the curse that binds Shiro's magic. But once the ancient power in him awakens, the yokai she loves will be changed forever. As the gods gather to wage war, Emi and Shiro must gamble everything to turn the tide against their immortal foes-even if it means losing each other.