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Supreme Il Circo Delle Meraviglie

Author: Caleb Battiago
ISBN: 9788899569716
Size: 14.25 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3467
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Dal Premio Bram Stoker Award Caleb Battiago (aka Alessandro Manzetti) una novelette inedita di horror d'avanguardia. 2298. La sirena eco-limbica chiama tutti a raccolta, la dove la discarica di Baden cede il passo al blu solforico di un tendone da circo, e un carillon vivente vi invita a entrare brandendo un cartello ricco di macabre promesse. Benvenuti al Supreme vanto della capitale della Nuova Francia. Qui, mentre la Cloud-6 vi squaglia il cervello e un Coltrane apocalittico spreme caos dal suo sassofono, potrete ammirare, tra gli altri, Vivien Duemila Chili, l'Abominevole Uomo delle Feci, la Donna Ignobile, il Clown a Due Teste. Sono i nuovi freak, immolati al divertimento, mostri sputati da un mondo in rovina, in cui l'aberrazione impera e l'amore muove gli ultimi passi verso il capolinea. Mettetevi comodi e allentate i freni inibitori, se ne avete il coraggio. Che lo spettacolo abbia inizio! Contenuti extra: la novelette 'Midnight Baby - Horror Lolita' (2015) Illustrazione di copertina di Wendy Saber Core.

Black Leather Required

Author: David J. Schow
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Size: 10.99 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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David J. Schow's short stories have been regularly selected for over twenty-five volumes of "Year's Best" anthologies across three decades and have won the World Fantasy Award, the ultra-rare Dimension Award from Twilight Zone magazine, plus a 2002 International Horror Guild Award for his collection of Fangoria columns, Wild Hairs. Black Leather Required collects thirteen of Schow's short stories and includes an intro by John Farris. The stories included in this collection are: The Shaft Sedalia A Week in the Unlife Scoop Makes a Swirly Kamikaze Butterflies Beggar's Banquet, with Summer Sausage Pitt Night at the Lewistone Boneyard Jerry's Kids Meet Wormboy Life Partner Last Call for the Sons of Shock Where the Heart Was Sand Sculpture Bad Guy Hats

Sacrificial Nights

Author: Bruce Boston
Publisher: Kipple Officina Libraria
ISBN: 8898953569
Size: 73.20 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3406
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Bram Stoker Award Winners Bruce Boston and Alessandro Manzetti combine their poetic and narrative talents in a poetry novella that blends the genres of horror, surrealism, crime, and noir. Set in a large America city, Sacrificial Nights follows the lives of some of those who inhabit its late-night streets: prostitutes, pimps, a thief, an arsonist, a police detective, a psychotic killer, and more. Their tales and the tale of the city itself are richly complemented by British artist Ben Baldwin’s striking illustrations. This is a dark read with some explicit graphic content. “Original, intelligent and exquisitely rendered, Sacrificial Nights is an absolute tour de force, a richly layered Chinese Box of sorts, where each part is as important as the whole. In a world of cookie-cutter plots and tired poetry, Sacrificial Nights is a shot of cool night air, shadowy, dangerous, and addictive as sin.” —Greg F. Gifune, author of The Bleeding Season "When a book is both lucid and hallucinogenic, the effect can be shocking, luminous … transgressive. The collision of talents in this extraordinary work practically establishes a new genre – macabre noir." —Robert Dunbar, author of Willy “Populated by denizens who straddle the line between salvation and damnation, Sacrificial Nightsreads like a flashlight exploration of the darkness lurking behind closed doors and down blind alleys. Boston and Manzetti deftly navigate the shadows where human monsters dwell.” —Michael McBride, author of Subterrestrial

Venus Intervention

Author: Corrine De Winter
Publisher: Kipple Officina Libraria
ISBN: 8898953054
Size: 56.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1834
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Venus Intervention has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Awards 2014 (superior achievement in Poetry Collection) and for the Elgin Award 2015. The poem "The Man Who Saw the World" has been nominated for the Rhysling Award 2015. Una raccolta di poesie gotiche e inquietanti, altamente emozionali, per un viaggio da incubo che vi lascerà senza fiato, costringendovi alla rilettura e a seguire le continue rotazioni di un magico caleidoscopio. A gothic and disturbing poems collection, an exciting journey into the nightmare that will leave you breathless. Words to be read more than once, to hear again the sound of the emotions that rotate inside the magical kaleidoscope imagined by the authors. You will never be the same again, after being caught by that Venus, in all her forms.

Midnight S Lair

Author: Richard Laymon
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755391675
Size: 24.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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'If you've missed Laymon, you've missed a treat' Stephen King Mordocks's cave is one of the wonders of the world: a place where, every year, thousands of sightseers go deep beneath the earth's surface to marvel at Nature's handiwork. But it's also home to things Nature never intended - violent, evil things. And when a power failure traps a group of tourists underground, the creatures emerge from the darkness...

The Monster The Bad And The Ugly

Author: Alessandro Manzetti
Publisher: Kipple Officina Libraria
ISBN: 8898953518
Size: 42.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3047
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From two of the most visionary Italian minds, a collection of twenty horror stories where you will meet good and evil of every age, from the dusty streets of the old wild west up to the present and into the future. Soldiers, bandits, victims and executioners, she-devils, sinners, demons, zombies, and freaks haunt the New World shedding blood, evoking Death, damning and destroyed souls, while the vultures circling to target their prey. You’ll become very familiar with Mamatilda, the bloody star of a graphic novel, who makes her debut in this book. But who is she? The Boogeyman’s sister? But that’s not all, the hands of time are moving forward, and serial killers, cannibals, psychos, and evil people mark new horror borders in the world today and in the future, becoming the armed wing of an unstoppable, spectral apocalypse.


Author: Carlton Mellick
ISBN: 9781621051176
Size: 72.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4144
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"Set in the same woods as Mellick's splatterpunk satire Apeshit, Clusterfuck follows Trent Chesterton, alpha bro, who has come up with what he thinks is a flawless plan to get laid. He invites three hot chicks and his three best bros on a weekend of extreme cave diving in a remote area known as Turtle Mountain, hoping to impress the ladies with his expert caving skills. But things don't quite go as Trent planned. For starters, only one of the three chicks turns out to be remotely hot and she has no interest in him for some inexplicable reason. Then he ends up looking like a total dumbass when everyone learns he's never actually gone caving in his entire life. And to top it all off, he's the one to get blamed once they find themselves lost and trapped deep underground with no way to turn back and no possible chance of rescue. What's a bro to do? Sure he could win some points if he actually tried to save the ladies from the family of unkillable subterranean cannibal mutants hunting them for their flesh, but fuck that. No slam piece is worth that amount of effort. He'd much rather just use them as bait so that he can save himself"--Cover p. [4].

Widow S Point

Author: Richard T. Chizmar
ISBN: 9781587676475
Size: 13.15 MB
Format: PDF
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Longtime residents of Harper's Cove believe that something is wrong with the Widow's Point Lighthouse. Some say it's cursed. Others claim it's haunted. Originally built in 1838, three workers were killed during the lighthouse's construction, including one who mysteriously plunged to his death from the catwalk. That tragic accident was never explained, and it was just the beginning of the terror. In the decades that followed, nearly two dozen additional deaths occurred in or around the lighthouse including cold-blooded murder, suicide, unexplained accidents and disappearances, the slaughter of an entire family, and the inexplicable death of a Hollywood starlet who was filming a movie on the grounds. The lighthouse was finally shuttered tight in 1988 and a security fence was erected around the property. No one has been inside since. Until tonight. Thomas Livingston is the acclaimed author of thirteen books about the supernatural and this evening he will enter the Widow's Point Lighthouse, searching for material for his next bestseller. He will be locked inside for the weekend with no way of contacting the outside world. And although no human has stepped foot inside the structure in nearly three decades, Livingston will not be alone.

Eden Underground

Author: Alessandro Manzetti
ISBN: 9780994662620
Size: 57.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4809
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Another snake, another tree, another Eve. A new dark poetry collection from the Bram Stoker Awards(r) nominee Alessandro Manzetti. Eden Underground is a surreal journey into obsessions and aberrations of the modern world and its darker side, which often takes control of the situation. Madness, violence, aberrant sex, war, hallucinations, sadism, disturbing archetypes: these are the black fruits of human loneliness, these are the bloody roots of Eden Underground. In this untold world, men and women build their deformed, artificial underground Eden, where they can unleash their dark side. Death is the hidden queen of these strange places designed by human alienation: harem of silicone dolls who come to life, abandoned warehouses with copper tubs full of broken pieces of Eve, a bloody collection of copies of the first primordial woman, imaginary worlds inspired by the ghosts of the drug, small Eden dug into the bowels of the sand of war, trenches for refuge from too much horror, the religious fanaticisms and their heretics and violent Eden stained with blood, open air glittering brothels turned into landfills of souls and lost loves. Haven't you ever heard the loneliness knocking at your door? Or the steps of our dark side, freed from the body and the cage of our conscience, that is coming to take us with a shimmering cleaver in its hand? In Eden Underground you can hear all these ghostly noises, too real, too close. Includes: The Last Prey The Monkey with the Big Head Pieces of Eden Dead Circus Green Apples Koo-o Interiora II Eastern Heaven Red Monsoon A Modern Berserker The Half Bride Eden Underground Carlos, Diego, Vamos! The Wrath Sings, Goddess The Rime of the Mad Mariner Lacrimosa The Pawn Shop The Cockroach King The Garden Dames de Voyage Electric Monkeys The Tenth Circle Almost to the End Book Cover by Vincent Chong, back cover by Ben Baldwin, illustrations by Paolo Di Orazio.

The Massacre Of The Mermaids

Author: Alessandro Manzetti
Publisher: Kipple Officina Libraria
ISBN: 8898953232
Size: 46.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5674
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From the Bram Stoker Awards® nominee Alessandro Manzetti comes a new horror, weird, gory, and dystopian short story collection. “The Massacre of the Mermaids” includes six visionary and disturbing stories set in the future and the past: the apocalyptic and bloody Rome dominated by the first She-Pope who organizes shocking exhibitions in the new Coliseum; the bloody and cannibalistic Jerusalem during the First Crusade with gangs of rapists, criminals, and anthropophagy addicts; the future ultra-violent district Paris Sud 5 with a human landfill; the Nakara, a slaughterhouse-prison dug into the bowels of the moon, the first organized human breeding in history, managed by the diabolic Slicer; and the subterranean rooms of Mictlan, the Aztec hell that destroys Spanish victims, sacrificing them through unthinkable and brutal rites. “The Massacre of the Mermaids” will leave you breathless. The limit has never been so violated.