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Author: Allan J. Stark
Publisher: Atlantis Verlag
ISBN: 3864025508
Size: 47.17 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6523
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Die Sänger sind nicht mehr. Die Tentakel verwandeln sich in Zombies. Die Menschen der Erde befreien sich aus dem jahrhundertelangen Joch und gehen einer neuen Zukunft entgegen. Exilanten suchen nach einem anderen Sinn ihrer Existenz. Verschüttete klettern aus den Trümmern und finden ein neues Leben. Und es bleiben Fragen, die ungeklärt sind, Zusammenhänge, die aufgedeckt werden müssen und Rollen, die neu zu definieren sind. Wer herrscht über wen? Wer versucht, das Rad der Zeit zurückzudrehen? Wer findet eine neue Bestimmung – und wer scheitert an dieser? Die Dämmerung des Tentakelreiches bricht an, und in ihr versuchen alle, ihre Existenz neu zu ordnen, und nicht alle tun dies freiwillig. Vor allem für einen stellt sich die Frage, wohin die Reise jetzt geht – und ob er noch ein letztes Mal etwas anderes sein wird als Tentakelkaiser oder Tentakelgott. "Tentakelgott" ist der dritte Band der dritten "Tentakel"-Trilogie. Bisher erschienen: Trilogie 1: "Tentakelschatten" "Tentakeltraum" "Tentakelsturm" (auch als Omnibus lieferbar: "Tentakel: Der erste Krieg") Trilogie 2: "Tentakelwacht" "Tentakelblut" "Tentakelreich" Trilogie 3: "Tentakelfürst" "Tentakelkaiser" "Tentakelgott" "Dirk van den Boom ist der Gott der deutschen Military SF!" Martin Kay

Der Krake

Author: China Miéville
ISBN: 3838705165
Size: 74.95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2676
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Tief im Forschungstrakt des Natural History Museum lagert ein außergewöhnliches Ausstellungsstück - eins der Sorte, die man normalerweise im Leben nicht zu Gesicht bekommt: ein perfekt erhaltener Riesenkalmar. Doch was hat es zu bedeuten, dass dieses Geschöpf plötzlich spurlos verschwindet? Der Kurator Billy Harrow begibt sich Hals über Kopf auf die Suche durch ein London voller Kulte, die einander bekriegen, surrealer Magie, Verrat und Meuchelmördern. Möglicherweise ist die Riesenkrake, die er im Museum aufbewahrt hatte mehr als nur eine biologische Rarität. Denn manche behaupten, sie sei eine alte Gottheit ...

The Emperor S Men 1 Arrival

Author: Dirk Van Den Boom
Publisher: Atlantis Verlag
ISBN: 3864024064
Size: 61.33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2069
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Shortly before the First World War, the German light cruiser Saarbrьcken leaves the port of Wilhelmshaven to make its last big journey before being decommissioned. But near Portugal the old ship encounters a mysterious phenomenon, and the crew unexpectedly finds itself in the Mediterranean, 1500 years in the past, at a historical moment: It's the year 378, the beginning of the end of the Western Roman Empire, the start of Vцlkerwanderung...the crew of the Saarbrьcken decides that to survive they must make friends of the Romans. They had been the Kaiser's men in the 20th century, and now, in the past, another emperor might need their services...

The Emperor S Men 3 Passage

Author: Dirk Van Den Boom
Publisher: Atlantis Verlag
ISBN: 3864025486
Size: 47.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3495
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The victory over the Goths has only brought temporary peace to the Roman Empire. Unrest and intrigues threaten to jeopardize the achievements made. The time travelers from the Saarbrьcken not only help to reform Empire but also have to take first steps against the threat posed by the Huns. An expedition is sent to Africa to spread new ideas in the Empire and begin the search for profitable commodities. But the opponents of the new order are not asleep and begin their preparations to restore the old ways - and this with the help of a man who was believed to be dead.

Forsaken Skies

Author: D. Nolan Clark
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN: 0316355704
Size: 37.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7388
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"Unforgettable characters and is jam-packed with action [and] adventure... one readers will not want to miss." --- Booklist "Gripping writing, a brilliantly realised future culture and sympathetic characters . . . an entertaining and compelling read."--- SFX Magazine FEAR THE SILENCE... Commander Lanoe is one of the Navy's greatest heroes, but the civil war left him with nothing but painful memories. When a planetary governor is murdered, it falls to Lanoe to hunt down the killer and bring them to justice. Yet his pursuit will lead him towards the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. An unknown armada has emerged from the depths of space, targeting an isolated colony planet. As the colonists plead for help, the politicians and bureaucrats look away. But Lanoe has never run from a fight - and he will not abandon thousands of innocents to their fate. Forsaken Skies is the explosive opening novel in the Silence trilogy, an epic tale of a fight against the odds - and the terror of realizing that we're no longer alone in the cold vacuum of space.

Beyond Exile Day By Day Armageddon

Author: J. L. Bourne
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1849831610
Size: 30.82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1061
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Sporadic news reports indicate chaos and violence spreading through US cities. An unknown evil is sweeping the planet. The dead are rising to claim the earth as the new dominant species in the food chain. Day by Day Armageddonand its sequel Beyond Exileare the handwritten journals of one desperate survivor as he battles in the face of global disaster. Zombie fiction at its finest, these books will take you to a whole new level of terror.


Author: Dirk Van Den Boom
Publisher: Atlantis Verlag
ISBN: 3864025133
Size: 60.11 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 584
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t's not easy being Casimir Daxxel, young consul of the Galactic Act to the rim-world of Eobal: Everyone hates him and his job is tedious. His problems grow considerably upon discovering the dead body of his only friend in the foyer of his consulate one morning, the Turulian ambassador Dhloma. Now he is facing issues he never had to deal with before: Galacto-political tensions, lovely lizard women, corrupt police chiefs, highly dangerous drug shops and several attempts to kill him. His only ally? Sergeant Josefine Zant of the Consulate Security, a woman with many hidden talents. Add to that an unhealthy helping of mercenaries, a battle cruiser and very strange kinship relations, and the young diplomat becomes slightly overwhelmed with the situation.


Author: Lin Carter
Publisher: R. Reginald the Borgo Press
ISBN: 9781557422538
Size: 51.33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2428
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James A. Bailey and P. T. Barnum first joined forces to produce a double show in 1881--a royal coupling--inaugurating the "Golden Age" of the American circus. This book details some of the activity leading up to that notable landmark in amusement history, particularly during the decade of 1871-81. Complete with notes, bibliography, index, and contemporaneous illustrations.

At The Mountains Of Madness

Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Publisher: Modern Library
ISBN: 1588364755
Size: 76.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7034
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Introduction by China Miéville Long acknowledged as a master of nightmarish visions, H. P. Lovecraft established the genuineness and dignity of his own pioneering fiction in 1931 with his quintessential work of supernatural horror, At the Mountains of Madness. The deliberately told and increasingly chilling recollection of an Antarctic expedition’s uncanny discoveries–and their encounter with untold menace in the ruins of a lost civilization–is a milestone of macabre literature. This exclusive new edition, presents Lovecraft’s masterpiece in fully restored form, and includes his acclaimed scholarly essay “Supernatural Horror in Literature.” This is essential reading for every devotee of classic terror. From the Trade Paperback edition.