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The Attack On The Liberty

Author: James Scott
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439166056
Size: 16.83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The definitive account of the infamous 1967 attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli forces and the continuing controversy over what really happened. • Notorious incident: In 1967, Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boats attacked the spy ship uSS Liberty in international waters during the Six-Day War. Thirty-four sailors were killed and more than 170 wounded, many critically injured. Israel claimed mistaken identity, which a U.S. naval court of inquiry confirmed, but that explanation is contradicted by the facts of the case. • Based on new revelations: James Scott has interviewed Liberty survivors, senior u.S. political and intelligence officials, and examined newly declassified documents in Israel and the united States to write this comprehensive, dramatic account. He reveals that officers in Israel’s chain of command were aware of the Liberty’s identity and shows how events in Vietnam prompted the American government to deemphasize the attack despite widespread disbelief of Israel’s story. • Journalist and son of an attack survivor: Scott’s father, John, was an officer and engineer aboard the Liberty who was awarded the Silver Star for helping to save the ship from sinking.

The Liberty Incident

Author: A. Jay Cristol
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 9781574885361
Size: 75.47 MB
Format: PDF
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Cristol disputes the conspiracy theories surrounding the 1967 Israeli attack on an allied U.S. naval ship in the waters off the Sinai Peninsula. Thirty-four Americans died, 171 were injured, and rumors began that Israel knew that the ship was flying the American flag.

Remember The Liberty

Author: Ernest Gallo
Publisher: TrineDay
ISBN: 1634241096
Size: 17.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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One of the most explosive and hidden secrets in U.S. history – one that has never been previously told, Remember the Liberty explores how a sitting U.S. president collaborated with Israeli leaders in the fomentation of a war between them and their Arab neighbors. A war that would ensure a victory for Israel, and include the acquisition of additional land. This book will finally identify the real cause of the vicious attack on a U.S. Naval ship. After the botched plan was executed, the ship refused to sink even after being hit by a torpedo, leading the attack to be cancelled and a massive cover-up invoked. Including severe threats for the crewmembers to "keep their lips sealed." That cover-up is barely still in place, and completely exposed. Written largely by the survivors themselves, the truth is finally being told with the real story revealed.

The Liberty Threat

Author: James Tonkowich
ISBN: 9781618906410
Size: 10.51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Americans are losing what are supposed to be constitutionally protected rights at an alarming pace. The quest for religious liberty was the impetus for the settling of America, and our nation at its founding upheld religious liberty as "first of our freedoms." But throughout our history, this crucial right has been a fragile one. Never has it been more fragile--or threatened--than today. In this book, the author explores the development of religious liberty, from ancient Rome to the birth of America to the current day. With powerful examples fresh from today's courts, the author documents the growing and increasingly brazen efforts to drive religion from the public square.

The Liberty Incident Revealed

Author: A. Cristol
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 1612513875
Size: 52.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cutting through all of the controversy and conspiracy theories about Israel’s deadly attack on the USS Liberty in June 1967 at the height of the Six Day War, Cristol revises his well-regarded book about the event with a complete, in-depth analysis of all of the sources, including recently released tapes from National Security Agency. When the first edition of The Liberty Incident was published in 2002 there remained many unanswered questions about Israeli Air Force audio tapes intercepted by the NSA. Some alleged they would prove that the Israeli attack was premeditated. Cristol’s successful Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the National Security Agency, while resulting in the release of those tapes, has been greeted by anti-Israel sources insisting that the NSA tapes are fraudulent and are part of a larger conspiracy to deceive the American public! After a quarter of a century of intensive research in Israel and the U.S., researching all relevant archives from NSA, CIA and the State Department, reviewing both formerly classified and open source documents, and interviewing all then-living individuals directly involved in the incident, the factual and documentary record is clear. Cristol maintains that despite the fact that all of the official records and transcripts are now available for review, the truth has proven to be of no interest to those individuals and organizations who are motivated by hidden agendas, wish to keep conspiracy theories alive, or are trying to feed sensational stories to the media. Documenting his findings in six new chapters, Cristol establishes in THE LIBERTY INCIDENT REVEALED that the Israeli attack was a tragic mistake and presents a convincing argument that will be regarded as the final story about this incident.

The Secret War Against The Jews

Author: John Loftus
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250167264
Size: 79.22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A hugely controversial work that exposes a series of scandals from Oliver North to the British royal family, The Secret War Against the Jews reveals as much about political corruption inside Western intelligence as it does about Israel. Using thousands of previously top-secret documents and interviews with hundreds of current and former spies, Loftus and Aarons, both veteran investigators, Nazi-hunters, and authors, present a compelling narrative. The authors demonstrate that numerous Western countries, especially the United States and Great Britain, have conducted repeated and willful spying missions on Palestine and later Israel over many decades. While on the surface these two countries and others profess to be ardent allies of Israel, they work, in fact, through their intelligence services to betray Israel's secrets to the Arabs. Their motive: oil and multinational profits, which must be attained at any price through international covert policies. The pageant of characters appearing in this narrative is vast and shocking. This is not only a compelling work of history, but also a volume whose grave allegations will be debated for years to come.

Liberty In The Age Of Terror

Author: A. C. Grayling
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408810905
Size: 27.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"The means of defence against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home." James Madison Our societies, says Anthony Grayling, are under attack not only from the threat of terrorism, but also from our governments' attempts to fight that threat by reducing freedom in our own societies - think the 42-day detention controversy, CCTV surveillance, increasing invasion of privacy, ID Cards, not to mention Abu Ghraib, rendition, Guantanamo... As Grayling says: 'There should be a special place for political irony in the catalogues of human folly. Starting a war 'to promote freedom and democracy' could in certain though rare circumstances be a justified act; but in the case of the Second Gulf War that began in 2003, which involved reacting to criminals hiding in one country (Al Qaeda in Afghanistan or Pakistan) by invading another country (Iraq), one of the main fronts has, dismayingly, been the home front, where the War on Terror takes the form of a War on Civil Liberties in the spurious name of security. To defend 'freedom and democracy', Western governments attack and diminish freedom and democracy in their own country. By this logic, someone will eventually have to invade the US and UK to restore freedom and democracy to them.' In this lucid and timely book Grayling sets out what's at risk, engages with the arguments for and against examining the cases made by Isaiah Berlin and Ronald Dworkin on the one hand, and Roger Scruton and John Gray on the other, and finally proposes a different way to respond that makes defending the civil liberties on which western society is founded the cornerstone for defeating terrorism.

The Libertarian Attack Against Liberty

Author: Joseph W. Burrell
Publisher: Algora Publishing
ISBN: 1628941480
Size: 76.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The labels seem to be opposites: democracy and totalitarianism; capitalism, communism, fascism. But in practice, all the politico-economic systems we have on earth today have ended up looking disturbingly similar. While there are important differences, the author claims that they all consist of "ruler-owners" and bosses at the top - money kings - and powerless workers and consumers at the bottom. He also contends that workers and consumers are the only necessary parts of a natural economic system and that corporations are an artificial and tyrannical imposition based on greed and dominance. He urges the defeat of the "corporate collective" with its tiered arrangement of work and wealth, with only the "fit" and "successful" at the top as supervisors and the rest of us beneath them as servants, wage slaves, or even chattel slaves. In short, this book is radical and extreme in its view of all the world’s systems as authoritarian despite their differing economic, political, and religious conglomerations. As a foundation for the discussion, the book traces in broad outline the histories of work and belief. It denies that the Christian religion is Christian and shows that Jesus Christ was a pacifist and a liberal and that his words and nature are barely represented, if at all, in the dogmas and practices of those who call themselves Christians in today’s America. Attacking the dominant institutional belief systems regarding work and religion, this book spares no existing supervisory arrangement and suggests the peaceful unraveling of authority structures and a new form of egalitarian cooperation. Since this book is extreme in its condemnation of existing supervisory arrangements and authority structures, it should be interesting - perhaps dismaying - to everyone who is dissatisfied with their own subservience to others whether at work, in church, or in any political party. Anyone who yearns for relief from entangling authority should find this book at least stirring, if not entirely convincing. It presents new ways of looking at the world and at all systems of control and belief. Those who like ideas and those who do not quite fit into the molds into which they have been placed will find the writing refreshing and stimulating. The ideas in this book were influenced by Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Noam Chomsky’s Power & Prosperity, Daniel Guerin’s Anarchism, Michael Perelman’s The Invention of Capitalism, F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, Karen Armstrong’s A History of God, Hugh J. Schonfield’s Those Incredible Christians, and by such television programs as Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now and the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. The Libertarian belief system is at the heart of many of the contrary arguments presented in this book and its baleful influence can be seen in just about any of the writings, presentations, speeches, and gatherings of Republicans. It is the number one enemy of democracy in America today.