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The Only Book You Will Ever Need On Branding

Author: Michiel Maandag
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 147213608X
Size: 78.42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A great product is not enough. You cannot sell or promote anything without an original and distinctive brand. But how do you create a good name, a memorable logo and a recognizable category so that everyone understands what you are selling? In The Only Book You Will Ever Need on Branding you'll find out everything you need to know - fast. Using quirky illustrations to make its point you'll discover how to fast forward the success of your brand in a couple of hours. You'll Grasp the key concepts of branding, learn how to improve your existing brand and find out what other start-up books don't tell you

Start Your Own Business

Author: The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 1613083882
Size: 33.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In 2017 34% of the workforce was considered part of the gig economy. This growing workforce of freelancers and side-giggers is also estimated to grow to 43% by 2020. That’s 4 million freelancers, soon to be 7 million by 2020. Whether it’s people looking to earn extra money, those tired of their 9-to-5, to entrepreneurs looking to grow their side hustle, Entrepreneur is uniquely qualified to guide a new generation of bold individuals looking to live their best lives and make it happen on their own terms. Whatever industry or jobs this new workforce takes, Start Your Own Business will guide them through the first three years of business. They’ll gain the know-how of more than 30 years of collective advice from those who’ve come before them to: How to avoid analysis paralysis when launching a business Tips for testing ideas in the real-world before going to market with insights from Gary Vaynerchuk Decide between building, buying, or becoming a distributor What to consider when looking for funding from venture capitalists, loans, cash advances, etc. Whether or not a co-working space is a right move Tips on running successful Facebook and Google ads as part of a marketing campaign Use micro-influencers to successfully promote your brand on social media

How To Start A Street Wear Brand South Africa

Author: Jermaine M. Charles
Publisher: Jermaine M. Charles
ISBN: 0620632291
Size: 24.23 MB
Format: PDF
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Starting your own brand has been a dream of yours for a long time, but how do you get started? Welcome to the second edition of the book series with more content, better tips and even advice from a successful brand owner, Julian Kubel from Butan Wear in South Africa This new edition includes a chapter on social media marketing and an extended workbook.

So You Want To Start A Business

Author: Ingrid Thompson
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1683507444
Size: 72.84 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3065
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Often people leap into starting a business to pursue their passion without fully realizing what they’ve gotten themselves into. Although they may love what they do, the financial and administrative side of the business ends up being more than they bargained for. So You Want to Start a Business takes those who want to start a business through the seven essential elements required to create a thriving business. Full of examples, exercises, and invaluable guidance, Ingrid Thompson provides a practical guide to unleashing one’s inner entrepreneur. With over twenty years’ experience helping people create successful businesses, Ingrid knows exactly how to help people decide what kind of business to start and how to start it right. So You Want to Start a Business helps people set solid foundations for their chosen business startup, make an informed choice for the business they want to start, and get it right from the start.

Give Your Marketing A Digital Edge A 10 Book Bundle Special Edition

Author: Gabriela Taylor
Publisher: Global & Digital
ISBN: 190992430X
Size: 30.59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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She has done the hard work of evaluating and learning how to use all the different online sites and tools that can help your business soar, and she has combined that knowledge into Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge, an inexpensive 10 titles in two books that you'll refer to again and again. Here's what the Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge includes: Budget Marketing - How to Start & Market an Online Business with Little or Zero Marketing Budget: why pay for online tools when there are fantastic free ones available that will help your business for absolutely nothing? Targeting Your Market - Marketing Across Generations, Cultures & Gender: marketing by demographics can be as simple as not advertising baby diapers on a site aimed at Baby Boomers. But the truth is there's a lot more to know if you want to maximize business success and avoid blunders. Plan, Create, Optimize, Distribute - Your Strategic Roadmap to Content Marketing Success: by mastering content marketing, you can connect with customers on a personal level, build a relationship, call your audience to action, and provide a platform for customer feedback. Google Best Practices - How to Build and Market Your Business with Google: YouTube, Google+, Google+ Local, Google News, Google SEO, AdWords, AdSense, etc. - this book tells you how you can make money using everything Google has to offer. Socialize to Monetize - How To Run Effective Social Media Campaigns across the Top 25 Social Networking Sites: by mastering content marketing, you can connect with customers on a personal level, build a relationship, call your audience to action, and provide a platform for customer feedback. Pinterest Marketing - The Ultimate Guide: if your customers are on Pinterest, you need to be there too! Leverage the power of visual marketing with one of the best tools ever invented to increase sales for your business. Tumblr for Business - The Ultimate Guide: learn how to use Tumblr to showcase your brand to a worldwide audience, create social buzz, and take your business to the next level. Advertising in a Digital Age - Best Practices for AdWords and Social Media Advertising: learn how to use online advertising to reach more people, interact with your community, collect feedback and monitor results in real-time, adjust your advertising quickly, and target and retarget your messages for relevancy all on a tiny budget. Mobilize to Monetize - The Fast Track to Effective Mobile Marketing: when you use mobile technology to promote a brand and its products and services anytime, from anywhere, you can target your messages based on information you already have and engage your customers directly. Globalize to Monetize - Taking Your Online Business to New Markets: marketing globally requires cultural understanding and overcoming barriers of language and culture are crucial to successfully market globally.

The Brand Who Cried Wolf

Author: Scott Deming
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470127120
Size: 17.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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PRAISE FOR THE BRAND WHO CRIED "WOLF" "Powerful brands command. Read this insightful book and allow Scott to share how to make your brand stand out and deliver you buckets of money!" —Mark Victor Hansen, bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul(r) series "Deming's approach to branding is not about gimmicks. It's about relationships-the real formula for building and sustaining your brand and your business." —Rieva Lesonsky, Editorial Director, Entrepreneur magazine "It doesn't matter what you sell. We're all selling service. Deming's book shows businesses of all sizes how to create incredible brand power through innovative service levels. The Brand Who Cried Wolf will not end up on your book shelf; it will stay in your briefcase or on your desk as a daily reference guide. If you want to grow your business, get this book!" —John Valletta, President, Super 8 Motels "Deming's revelations on creating an emotionally engaging experience between you and your customer are without equal!" —Joel Bauer, bestselling coauthor of How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to Be Persuaded "The Brand Who Cried Wolf explains how every customer interaction, large or small, impacts your brand's image and reputation. This is an easy-to-read book— veryone in your organization needs to own." —Patrick Sweeney, coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Succeed on Your Own Terms; cohost of the nationally syndicated radio show Winning in Business "Deming delivers an essential message to businesses and delivers in a way you won't forget. You know the fairy tales, just adapt it to your unique brand: you!" —Wayne Kandas, CFP and host of nationally syndicated Bloomberg Radio "Stories sell, and that's what helps sell the ideas in this brilliant book. If you're in business-any business-you need this book. Get it now!" —Robert G. Allen, bestselling coauthor of Cracking the Millionaire Code; CEO of The Enlightened Millionaire Institute Chapter 8: Just Call Me Slick! People Really Hate to be "Sold" What We’ve Accomplished So Far By now you know that branding is not exclusively about business identity in the form of a logo or advertising. You might recognize the Nike brand from its iconic swoosh logo. You might immediately think of McDonald’s when you think of fast food because McDonald’s commercials are ubiquitous, but by this point, you know that icons and awareness do not constitute a brand. You also know that big businesses are not the only brands. Your business does not have to be the size of GM, Microsoft, AOL Time Warner or Wal-Mart. Your business could be run out of your home with you as the sole employee. You could conduct business from a small office with a single assistant, or in a store with several employees. The size, scope, and location of your business does not change the fact that it’s a brand, nor should any of these factors truly impact your brand if you’re focusing on one-on-one relationships. Businesses are not the only brands, either. Every individual is a brand, as are organizations from non-profits to political parties to social clubs. For example, the Gates Foundation, the Red Cross, UNICEF, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Republican Party, and Democratic Party — all are brands. The concept of branding I’ve been articulating is personal, which means everyone needs to develop one. Each category — from individuals to organizations to businesses large and small — brings with it its own brand development challenges. At the same time, however, these challenges are minimized when you understand your brand identity. Throughout this book, I have written about creating unique and memorable experiences for your customers. Chapter 2 defined a brand in terms of establishing relationships with your customers. Chapter 3 distinguished between types of experiences you can generate for your customers, and differentiated a brand experience from ones that are merely transactional or simply meet customer expectations. Chapter 4 highlighted the importance of changing your perspective to adopt your customer’s point of view, rather than emphasize your product or service. Chapter 5 analyzed the results of changing your perspective. Chapter 6 admonished you to avoid overstating your own worth. Finally, Chapter 7 focused on the ripple effects of your actions. Thus, most of the facets of branding I’ve been articulating since the beginning of this book have emphasized how you affect the customer’s perceptions. In other words, I’ve been talking about the customer’s connection to your brand. Now I’m going to talk about how you perceive your own brand, and about your connection to your own brand. Creating An Authentic Brand Identity: Sincerity Can’t Be Faked! First, you must take stock of your brand identity. In the Introduction to this book I stated that everyone is a brand. Everyone has a brand identity, but not everyone understands their own brand correctly, or even knows what it is. You cannot develop an authentic, sincere brand without this understanding. And you cannot create brand evangelists — people who trust you and praise your brand every chance they get — without an authentic, sincere brand. You earn someone’s trust through your actions, so you’d better know how to act! Understanding your brand identity, and developing the trust that turns your customers into evangelists, involves knowing what your own beliefs and values are. The fact is, when you walk in your customer’s shoes, when you change your perspective to deliver the impossible, you’re reflecting a core element of your identity, your values, and your beliefs. When you are sincere about trying to understand your customers’ needs, desires, and what they’d truly love from you, a genuine connection is made that is the foundation of trust between you and your customers. Compassion and sincerity can’t be faked. Branding is not a matter of putting on a persona that others will like. It’s not playing a role, putting on a mask, or pretending — all that is superficial, a veneer that covers up the “real” you. Moreover, a veneer can be quickly spotted. I don’t think there’s anyone that hasn’t had the experience of being “sold.” It’s uncomfortable precisely because it’s not authentic. The experience simply feels hollow. Think about the slick car salesman who’s “going to do what it takes to get you into this car!” Maybe he’s heavy on the ‘hale fellow well met,’ demeanor, or drenches you with flattery. When the time comes to make an offer on the car, he engages in an overly dramatic show of anxiety. “I’m gonna see my manager right now and see if I can talk him into this one. Between you and me, he’s having a bad day, but I’m really gonna work on him.” Eventually, the long, drawn out ceremonial dance ends with you signing the lease or sale papers, but you walk away knowing the whole experience could have been different, and you dread the prospect of going through it again. Why do you dread it? What has soured you on going through the process again? In a word: insincerity. Insincerity is the wolf trotting around in sheep’s clothing pretending to be something he’s not. When you experience a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you’re soured on future interactions. It is this sort of insincerity that destroys a brand or prevents an authentic one from being established. The car salesman example is cliché, just like the sales girl at the clothing store who tells you every single piece of clothing you try on looks so good! Though they’re cliché for a reason, we tend to forget just what that reason is. We instantly recognize the cliché, but not what made it true in the first place.


Author: K. L. Hammond
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781981712373
Size: 69.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 103
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In the world of business, a great brand is everything. Those who lack a strong brand and branding strategies are surely going to struggle in their climb to success. Having a well-developed and powerful brand can be the difference between success and failure in the modern business world. Naturally, you want to run a successful business. Therefore, you need a successful brand. "Branding: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy and Brand Development" is an all-inclusive branding guide that will walk you through all of the necessary steps for creating a powerful brand. Not only will you learn how to develop your basic brand identity, but you will also learn how to generate customized strategies that will assist you in growing your brand. Learning to develop your brand effectively and nurture its natural evolution is a necessity in a fast-paced world. You need to know how to put these steps together and keep using them to walk yourself higher up the ladder of success. This branding guide will teach you everything that you need to know to generate massive success. Globally recognized brands all follow these tips, and it's mandatory that you do, too. You don't just want a mediocre brand that never takes you to the success you desire. You want one that starts strong and uses that traction to take it to the top in minimal timing. You want to be the next Coca-Cola, Nike, or Amazon. You want to own a wildly successful megabrand that people everywhere know about and recognize. One that people are excited to be involved with, love to rave about, and are eager to see where you go next. And because you want that type of success, you want "Branding: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, and Brand Development." No other book will take you through the in-depth process of creating a very specific brand profile based on success-building formulas, teach you how to customize your strategies to your unique brand and audience, or educate you on the natural evolution of brands the way this guide does. This book will help you start from the bottom, or from wherever you may be standing now, and help you perfect the formula so you can land on top. With consistency, step-by-step action, and clearly defined goals, you can become the owner of the next megabrand. "Branding: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy and Brand Development" will help you get there. Don't just take our word for it. If you're ready to generate massive success with your very own company, invest in this branding guide and invest in your brand. This all-inclusive guide features it all, leaving nothing for chance. All you have to do is open it and start taking the step-by-step actions and you, too, will be a branding superstar. The only question you'll have left to answer is: What is the view like from the top?

How To Launch A Magazine In This Digital Age

Author: Mary Hogarth
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1441148590
Size: 44.51 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2347
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Lively and engaging, How to Launch a Magazine in this Digital Age adopts a practical guide for students and inexperienced editors, detailing the process of setting up and launching a new publication -- be it digital, print or a combination of both. Using case studies, theoretical/critical insights, and tests/exercises, this is the first how-to to embrace digital technologies, including a companion website with additional support with podcasts, web links, forums and timed live author chats. The key to the text's success is its ability to encompass the complete process. It begins with the initial idea and follows the process through to developing a business plan as well as setting an editorial strategy to achieve and maintain an audience in a digital age -- where traditional print formats face an uncertain future. It includes checklists and realistic timescales for producing a digital/print magazine, for both the working professional and the student in the classroom setting.

Start Your Own Business

Author: Rieva Lesonsky
ISBN: 9781891984211
Size: 24.48 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4968
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With this newly updated edition, the experts show you how to make your dreams of starting a business come true!

Instagram Marketing For Beginners

Author: Jeremy Mitchell
Publisher: Lizard Publishing via PublishDrive
Size: 79.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5814
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Most businesses have realized that their most potential customers can be found on social media. This is why nearly every business looking for ways to grow is marketing its brand. It is only through social media that a business can increase sales, increase traffic and create brand awareness with little or no cost. Social media can help you reach the new audience and convert them into your customers. However, a strategy is of importance for one to succeed in marketing their brand on social media. You must determine the social media platform where you will be marketing your brand based on the kind of users you are targeting and how familiar you are with the platform. For a business marketing campaign to run successfully, it must be done where its potential customers are. This book guides you on how to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Enjoy reading!