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When Shadows Call A Shadow Cell Thriller

Author: Ernest Dempsey
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
ISBN: 9781944647223
Size: 14.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4051
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The war on terror needs a new weapon. International art sleuth Adriana Villa's life is dangerous enough. Saving stolen masterpieces-by stealing them back from the thieves, gangsters, and war criminals who hoard them-has nearly killed her more times than she can count. So, when a secret government agency recruits her to help hunt down a furtive terrorist network bent on stealing some of the world's most powerful missiles, Adriana takes some persuading. She is, after all, in no hurry to die battling an even more lethal brand of killer. And saving priceless art is nothing like fighting to save the free world. But when she learns of their plan to smuggle a handful of the deadly rockets into London and kill tens of thousands of innocents in the largest terrorist attack in history, Adriana relents-and goes to war. Victory won't come easily, though. To launch their murderous strikes, the terrorists will deploy every scheme, every tactic they can think of to stop, or kill, anyone who gets in their way-even the most dangerous woman in the world. Fresh off the runaway success of his wildly popular Sean Wyatt thriller series, USA TODAY best-selling author Ernest Dempsey again electrifies readers with his newest edge-of-your-seat shocker. Adriana Villa is a ruthless modern-day hero in a deadly modern-day fight for freedom, and she'll have to fight nearly as dirty as the enemy to save all our lives.

To Catch A Thief

Author: David Dodge
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 162681600X
Size: 58.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7615
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The classic mystery later turned into an Academy Award-winning film by Alfred Hitchcock, this startling whodunit still resonates today with wit and danger. “Le Chat” is a legend. He is a mystery. He is a jewel thief, famous and elusive for being able to swipe anything and get away clean. He is John Robie, retired and living a quiet life, tending his rose garden in the South of France. But his retirement plans are thrown for a loop when a series of robberies too closely resemble the work of “Le Chat,” and the police start digging into Robie’s past. To keep himself free, and with the help of an equally mysterious young woman, John Robie will have to catch the true thief, before the police catch him.

The Alexandria Link

Author: Steve Berry
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 9780345497123
Size: 11.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4630
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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Steve Berry’s The Columbus Affair and a Cotton Malone dossier. Cotton Malone retired from the high-risk world of elite operatives for the U.S. Justice Department to lead the low-key life of a rare-book dealer. But his quiet existence is shattered when he receives an anonymous e-mail: “You have something I want. You’ re the only person on earth who knows where to find it. Go get it. You have 72 hours. If I don’t hear from you, you will be childless.” His horrified ex-wife confirms that the threat is real: Their teenage son has been kidnapped. When Malone’s Copenhagen bookshop is burned to the ground, it becomes brutally clear that those responsible will stop at nothing to get what they want. And what they want is nothing less than the lost Library of Alexandria. A cradle of ideas–historical, philosophical, literary, scientific, and religious–the Library of Alexandria was unparalleled in the world. But fifteen hundred years ago, it vanished into the mists of myth and legend–its vast bounty of wisdom coveted ever since by scholars, fortune hunters, and those who believe its untold secrets hold the key to ultimate power. Now a cartel of wealthy international moguls, bent on altering the course of history, is desperate to breach the library’s hallowed halls–and only Malone possesses the information they need to succeed. At stake is an explosive ancient document with the potential not only to change the destiny of the Middle East but to shake the world’s three major religions to their very foundations. Pursued by a lethal mercenary, Malone crosses the globe in search of answers. His quest will lead him to England and Portugal, even to the highest levels of American government–and the shattering outcome, deep in the Sinai desert, will have worldwide repercussions.

The Fourth Prophecy A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller

Author: Ernest Dempsey
ISBN: 9781944647209
Size: 77.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1221
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Washington is at a standstill, but it's not political gridlock that's paralyzed the nation's capital this time. A ruthless killer is assassinating members of Congress, leaving authorities with neither clues nor hope to stop the slaughter. Fear grips the city as the federal government grinds to a halt. So, where are former government agent Sean Wyatt and his sidekick, Tommy Schultz? They're thousands of miles away in the middle of the Mexican rain forest, leading a private mission for one of the congresswomen targeted by the murderer. The congresswoman is convinced ancient documents in her possession hold the keys to a new world-a golden age without murder, scandal, or lust for power. Sean and Tommy should be so lucky. In their quest to solve another ancient, deadly series of riddles, Sean and Tommy take on Mexican drug cartels, counterrevolutionary guerrillas, and shady mercenaries-and learn that, yet again, nothing in either the modern or the ancient world is what it appears to be. In his grittiest thriller yet, Ernest Dempsey again thrusts readers into the heart of the global criminal underworld. Swarmed by spies, shysters, and professional slayers, Dempsey's vision of international treasure hunting would send even Indiana Jones running for retirement.


Author: Mary Beard
Publisher: Profile Books(GB)
ISBN: 9781861975966
Size: 36.71 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1439
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Pompeii explodes a number of myths - from the very date of the eruption, probably a few months later than usually thought; the hygiene of the baths which must have been hotbeds of germs; and the legendary number of brothels, most likely only one, to the massive death count which was probably less than ten per cent of the population.Street Life, Earning a Living: Baker, Banker and Garum Maker (who ran the city), The Pleasure of the Body: Food, Wine, Sex and Baths, these chapter headings give a surprising insight into the workings of a Roman town. At the Suburban Baths we go from communal bathing to hygiene to erotica. A fast-food joint on the Via dell' Abbondanza introduces food and drink and diets and street life. These are just a few of the strands that make up an extraordinary and involving portrait of an ancient town, its life and its continuing re-discovery, by Britain's leading classicist.

In Satan S Shadow

Author: John Anthony Miller
Publisher: Taylor and Seale Publishers
ISBN: 9781943789214
Size: 71.25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6594
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Berlin 1943 Amanda Hamilton, a Scottish photographer and violinist, marries a Nazi Party official and spends ten years in Germany, absorbing a new culture, immersed in one of the most tumultuous periods in human history. Her life takes a turbulent turn in the midst of World War II, when an English spy named Michael York arrives in Berlin and convinces her to betray her adopted country. A favorite of Hitler, admired by Goebbels and Goring, her photographs document life in the upper echelons of the Nazi party, a world that none on earth ever dreamed existed. It was there that Amanda Hamilton, never the author of an evil thought, walked in Satan's shadow."

Slip Of The Knife

Author: Denise Mina
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 9780316029049
Size: 53.31 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3419
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A brilliant new thriller featuring Paddy Meehan, one of the most praised heroines since Temperance Brennan, from "a rising star in the world of crime fiction" (Laura Miller, Salon). Paddy Meehan is no stranger to murder--as a reporter she lives at crime scenes--but nothing has prepared her for this visit from the police. Her former boyfriend and fellow journalist Terry Patterson has been found hooded and shot through the head. Paddy knows she will be of little help--she had not seen Terry in more than six months. So she is bewildered to learn that in his will he has left her his house and several suitcases full of notes. Drawn into a maze of secrets and lies, Paddy begins making connections to Terry's murder that no one else has seen, and soon finds herself trapped in the most important--and dangerous--story of her career.

The Secret Of The Stones

Author: Ernest Dempsey
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
ISBN: 0988707217
Size: 51.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4882
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A four thousand year old mystery lurks in the hills of Georgia. While investigating a strange series of ancient codes, an archaeologist vanishes, and a professor he entrusted with the secret is murdered. Former government agent, Sean Wyatt, learns of his friend's disappearance as well as the assassinations and must race against the clock to unravel the clues to the ancient mystery. But to save him, he will have to fight off highly trained mercenaries in hand to hand combat, violent shootouts, and high speed car chases through the Blue Ridge Mountains. And in the end, what he learns will change the history books as we know them. ˃˃˃ If Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne had a kid together, his name would be Sean Wyatt.The Secret of the Stones is packed with suspense and romance, filled with conspiracies and secret societies, and leaves you wanting more in Dempsey's breakthrough international mystery series. This story takes the characters through the southern United States on a wild adventure that, if not kept suppressed, could cause major political and financial upheaval. Travel with Sean Wyatt as he pieces together a sequence of ancient riddles in this suspense packed thriller. ˃˃˃ Action so hot you'll burn your fingers as you turn the pages. If you love fast, up-tempo stories that don't get bogged down in a lot of bull, this series of thrillers is for you. With crime, murder, suspense, mystery, and white hot action, you're sure to keep turning the pages until you realize the story just ended. But beware, this book is not for the faint of heart. In the world of high stakes adventure, things can get pretty violent. You've been warned.